Natural Stone Kitchen Worktops – Prices & Benefits

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Natural stones have been dominating the kitchen world for decades. The term natural stones applies to marble and granite, for many the most beautiful stones. One can conclude that if they are popular for so long, they surely have some great characteristics. That conclusion would be correct, since these two materials have some great characteristics that make them popular, even after the introduction of manufactured stones.


 1. Beauty: for many homeowners, natural stones are the first choice because they are the most beautiful ones. Marble is usually recognizable by the veining, while granite is recognizable by the granulation. However, this doesn’t have always to be the case, because both materials can have both patterns.

 2. Resistant to high temperatures: both granite and marble are great at handling high temperatures and are perfect for kitchen worktops because of that. You can postpone a hot pot or pan and your worktops will not get burned.

 3. Durable: both stones are also very durable and are not easy to break or crack. When it comes to scratching, granite performs better. It is harder and therefore more resistant to scratching; marble is soft and can get scratched easily, so it is advised to use cutting boards.

 4. Easy to clean: marble and granite are easy to clean with just soap and water. Just mix some water and soap and wipe your worktops with the solution. Rinse off with water.

 5. Unique: each natural stone slab is different from the other. The patterns are the result of different mineral impurities in the stone, which are the result of natural processes. The minerals are making lines, veins and grains that are different for every slab.

 6. Adds value: natural stones will add great value to your property. They are timeless choices for kitchen worktops and should you ever consider selling your property, having a natural stone in it will add great value to it.


 The prices for natural stones are different from colour to colour. Since both marble and granite are natural stones, some colours are tougher to find in nature, while others are more readily available. Those tough to find colours will naturally be more expensive. The prices are also affected by the difficulty of the quarrying process and the prevalence of a certain type in the world. Some marble types are found in just one place on Earth, so they tend to be more expensive and luxurious.

 The prices for natural stone kitchen worktops are starting from £300* per square meter. Get a free online quote for worktops & countertops.

Marble and granite are popular for so long for good reasons. They are high-quality materials that bring luxury and value to your home. Marble and granite have beautiful colours that will be timeless colour choices for your kitchen. Investing in them is a smart decision because they will last you for decades.

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