Natural Stone Worktops in London – Price, Supply & Installation

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Granite and marble are always in fashion. They are natural stones of great performances. Although they have some differences, they are similar when it comes to durability, maintenance and cleaning. While marble is luxurious and elegant, granite is modern and stylish. The choice is up to you, but you really can’t make a mistake with either one of them.

At Inova Stone, we supply and fit natural stone worktops in London and surrounding area.

Continue reading to find out about the prices, supply and installation.


Granite and marble are 100 per cent natural materials, which makes them more expensive than other countertop materials.  Both granite and marble add great value to your home and are very long lasting. Thinking that way, it’s a good decision to invest in natural stone worktops because they have a long life replacement. Proper maintenance will prolong the life of your worktop significantly.

Prices for natural stone worktops are starting from over £300 per square meter.


Granite and marble are very popular not just in residential use, but are also popular with designers for hotels, banks, public institutions…Natural stones can be used also for flooring and bathrooms. We are working only with renovated suppliers who guarantee the highest quality natural stone. Whether you are renewing residential or commercial facility, we have a wide range of designs to fit anyone’s taste.


Our team of fabricators is well coordinated and has more than 20 years of background in worktop installation and replacement. The combination of experience of our fabricators, the specialist tools we use and the devotion to every customer are proven to give the best results possible.

The process of getting a new natural stone worktop begins with fitting when we are measuring the dimensions of kitchen elements. Once the fitting is done, the stone is fabricated in our workshop.

The installation process takes less than a day. The process has four steps. The first one is to level the cabinets, to make sure they are all on the exact same height. The second step is to add support where it’s needed, such as under the dishwasher. Once we make sure that all cabinets are levelled and supported properly, we continue with placing the slabs on the cabinets. The final step is to seal the seams, which is done with epoxy. Epoxy ensures that the seams are not visible. Once the seams are sealed, your worktops are ready to use.

At Inova Stone, we thrive to meet the highest standards and specifications. We guarantee you the best value for money you can find in London and surrounding area. Our ability is tested by numerous homeowners and deigners for both residential and commercial projects in London area. We are trusted by the renowned UK brands.

For more information about the exact prices of fabrication, installation and availability, please contact us here.