Natural Stone Worktops in London – Supply, Installation & Prices

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Natural Stone Worktops in London – Supply, Installation & Prices

Natural stones are a group of materials which include marble and granite. They have been used for centuries for construction purposes, facades of important objects and paving of the squares. Nowadays, they are mostly used for home decoration, but also public institutions.

Marble and granite can be used for various purposes because they have great and very versatile qualities. They are very sturdy, easy to clean and long-lasting. All these benefits will make them a great addition to your kitchen or bathroom space.

 At InovaStone, we template, supply and fit high-quality natural stone worktops in London and surrounding areas.

 Benefits of Natural Stone:

 1. Wide range of use: natural stones can be used for bathroom work surfaces, kitchen worktops, tiles, splashbacks and any other bespoke surfaces. They can be even used for details in the rest of your home.

 2. Long-lasting: there are no other stones that can last as long as granite and marble. When you get them installed, you will not need to replace your worktops for decades.

 3. Durable: natural stones will not break when you accidentally drop something heavy on them. Granted, granite is a bit better when it comes to durability, as it can even stand knife cuts.

 4. Beauty: natural stones are considered by many the most beautiful stones. They represent luxury and are often used in prestigious hotels. Whichever colour you choose it will be a timeless choice.

 5. Resistant to high temperatures: both stones are often used in busy kitchens because they are great at resisting heat. They will not break when you postpone a hot object nor will they melt.

 Supply, Installation & Prices

 At Inova Stone, you can complete the whole process of getting new worktops, from the supply to the installation within 5 days in London and all surrounding areas.

 In our range, you will have the ability to choose from different budget options and find the one that fits your design style and needs the best. You will also be able to choose from numerous stone colours and find the perfect one for you. Our range consists of classic colours like white, beige or black but also greens, reds and oranges. Each colour has several different patterns and with such a wide range of options, you will have no hard times finding the perfect colour for you.

 The installation is handled by our experienced and fully certified team. Our team has years of experience in this industry and will complete the installation efficiently, making sure that your home is not disrupted for too long.

 The prices for natural stone worktops are varying from colour to colour. Some marble and granite colours are very rare and are more expensive. We advise getting a free quote before you decide on the colour.

 The prices for natural stone worktops in London are starting from over £300 per square meter.

 Need more information about the installation and prices of natural stone worktops? Please, feel free to use our online worktop price tool or contact us for expert advice and price details.