Plain White Quartz Worktops – Pros & Cons

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Having white worktops can be a bit challenging since everything is more noticeable on white surfaces. However, having plain white surfaces is not a problem with quartz, since this material is highly resistant to staining. One may consider plain white quartz to be pretty basic, but it is very easy to combine with other colours and it is always in fashion. However, those are not the only advantages of plain white quartz worktops, so continue reading to find more about them.


 1. Resistance to staining

 Quartz surfaces are non-porous, which means they are non-permeable to water and air. This means that spills will just sit on top of your surfaces, without absorbing. Even if you don’t remove the spill immediately, you will be able to remove it eventually with just water and soap.

 2. Elegance

 Plain white surfaces pair nicely with any other colour. You can achieve both traditional and contemporary styles with it. They are always in fashion and you will never get tired of them. They are simple, yet very elegant. They will also allow you to accent other elements of the room, such as the lighting.

 3. Easy to maintain

 Although everything will be more visible on white than other colours, maintenance of white quartz is very easy. You will just need soap and water for cleaning; just make the soapsuds and wipe your worktops with a soft cloth.

 Quartz also doesn’t require sealing, unlike natural stones.

 4. Durable

 Quartz will handle pressure and weight without breaking or cracking. It is a very durable stone that will handle everything with ease. It will also last you for a very long time.

 5. Resistant to scratching

 Scratches can be also very visible on white surfaces, but with quartz, you will not have to worry about that. Quartz is highly resistant to scratching, that even cutting directly on it will not harm it.

 6. Many options

 One would think that you will not have that many options regarding plain white quartz. But you will have various options to choose from; you will have the ability to choose the brand you like, the texture and style. Check out our stone collection.


 1. Heat resistance

 Quartz is not the best material when it comes to resisting high temperatures. Heat can lead to discolourations, which are especially visible on white surfaces. To prevent discolourations from happening, make sure to always use mats when cooking or placing a hot object onto your worktops.

 2. Requires frequent cleaning

 One downside with plain white quartz is that it will look dirty sooner than darker colours. Everything from dust to watermarks will be more visible on white surfaces, so make sure to use counters if you don’t want your worktops to get dirty so fast. Simply, white colour hides nothing and you will have to wipe your surfaces on a daily basis.

 When you maintain the worktops regularly and use them properly, there are no significant reasons why you shouldn’t choose plain white quartz worktops. If you like it and it fits your home style, you should definitely consider it.

 For more information about our range of plain white quartz options, feel free to contact us.