Porcelain Kitchen Worktops in London – Prices, Colours & Installation

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Porcelain Kitchen Worktops in London – Prices, Colours & Installation

Porcelain has been underestimated as a kitchen worktop material for years. Nowadays, it is getting more popularity and many homeowners realize its value. Porcelain is an extremely hard-wearing material and it is also stain-resistant. But those are the only strengths of porcelain worktops.  

At Inova Stone, we offer high-quality porcelain kitchen worktops in London and surrounding areas.

 Benefits of Porcelain Worktops:

 1. Heat resistant: porcelain is made in temperatures between 1200 and 1400 Celsius, which are 5 times higher than the average kitchen temperatures. Porcelain worktops don’t burn nor melt when exposed to hot kitchenware. They are a great option for busy kitchens.

 2. Hard-wearing: porcelain is extremely resistant to scratching and you can even cut directly on it. However, porcelain can chip around edges, so be careful around them.

 3. Non-porous: liquids will not be able to penetrate the top layer because this material is non-porous. Porcelain worktops are highly resistant to staining because of this.

 4. UV resistant: resistance to UV rays is not something that everyone cares about, but it is a very useful attribute. Surfaces that are resistant to UV rays don’t fade in colour over time.

 5. Affordable: compared to the prices of stone worktops, porcelain is more affordable. Porcelain is a great replacement for marble worktops because they can have a similar look while being more affordable at the same time.

 Prices, Colours & Installation

 The prices for porcelain worktops are different from colour to colour. Some rare colours are more expensive than common ones. At Inova Stone, you can get a free quote for any colour you opt for. You will just need to prepare the dimensions of your kitchen.

 The prices for porcelain kitchen worktops are starting from £200 per square meter.

 At Inova Stone, you can find some of the most beautiful classic colours that will suit any kitchen style from famous brands like Dekton. In our range, we have black, white, beige and brown colour options to suit everybody’s needs. Depending on the colour of your cabinets, you can achieve different effects by choosing lighter or darker colours. If you want to achieve a dramatic look choose a colour that is in contrast with your cabinets. If you want a well-balanced effect, choose similarly toned worktops to your cabinets.

 The installation is handled by our fully certified team with years of experience. The whole process will be completed in a timely fashion. From the moment you call us, you can get your worktops installed in just 7 days. We will provide everything from the supply to the installation and you can complete the whole process of getting new kitchen worktops in just one place. The installation will take only a few hours and your worktops will be ready to use afterwards.

 For more information about porcelain kitchen worktops in London, please feel free to contact us.