Pros and Cons for Granite Work Surfaces

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granite-worktops-londonHave you ever wondered if in our time exists a material for work surfaces which will never fall out of fashion?  Here I come with the answer in a one single word: granite. This material is a natural stone which will never depreciate in value due to its luxurious style that few other work surfaces can match. Once you choose to install the granite in your house, it will become the centerpiece of the room.

Beside these facts, there are some weak points in choosing the granite for your work surfaces.  You can find in the next content the both sides of this natural stone.

Pros Granite for Work Surfaces

Of course, by being a luxury stone it has a luminous and a shiny look which will change the entire style of your house.  It can be found in more than 20 colors and patterns and it is well-known for its time resistance, but you have to know that every slab of the granite is different. Due to its hard substances, the granite is susceptible to scratches and resist very well to heat, so you do not have to worry if you set on it a hot pan fast.

brownhill-lrgAlso, it can be used in the bathroom due to its resistance to heat. Another advantage is that the granite work surfaces will not absorb the liquids if they are correctly sealed (work which can be done by a professional installer).  In order to maintain its luxurious look, you have to seal it early, but there are some work surfaces from granite which can go ten or more years without sealing.

There for more, they (the granite work surfaces) are sanitary, fact which provides from worrying about the bacteria which can install in your house.

In the end of the pros, here I come with one for the busy women who can have so many time to invest in cleaning the work surfaces: the granite is so easy to clean that you can use only cold water to make it look like new.

Cons Granite for Work Surfaces

The time resistance appears in this category too because if you ever get tired of the chosen color you will find a way to live with it or you will rip out the whole investment. In fact, the most problem that intervenes in installing the granite work surfaces is that sometimes they are not sealed correctly and due to them porosity they will absorb the liquids. In order to choose the granite for you needs you have to know that the price for the square foot is very expensive, but the installation of the surfaces can cost even for three times more due to its laborious work to be sealed properly.

In the end, if you are looking forward to finding a great luxurious look for your house and you are careful to liquid, you will find in the granite work surfaces a great partner. For sure, they will give to your house a fancy style which can’t be replaced by other materials.  You only have to make a choice by considering if it worth the huge investment and maintenance by considering that it is lifetime investment, for real.