Pros and Cons for Stone Splashbacks

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stone-splashbackSplashbacks are vital to maintain your kitchen; food splatters do not look great on new walls and paintwork, and that means if you want to keep your kitchen looking clean and sparkling for longer, you are going to have to install a stone splashback of some kind over your hob.

Which do you go for, glass or stone?

Stone is a great choice for many reasons, but in order to give you the best and most complete overview, here are the pros and cons of choosing a stone splashback from Inova Stone.

Pros of a Stone Splashback

  • If you have a stone countertop then you can have your stone splashback in the same material and colour, and it works as a continuation. This looks fantastic within your décor, and is something which you can’t have if you choose glass.
  • Stone splashbacks are very strong and durable, because they are made of a natural and hard-wearing material. This gives you a long-lasting choice which is going to stand the test of time.
  • Stone splashbacks are available in a huge number of different colours and patterns, so you can choose a design which compliments your current décor or the one you are changing your kitchen too.
  • You don’t have to worry about scratch and heat resistance, as stone is known to be very high on both counts. If you choose granite or quartz then you have ultra heat resistance and ultra stain resistance.
  • Stone splashbacks are also very easy to clean with mild detergent and a regular cloth. Avoid anything abrasive.

Cons of a Stone Splashback

  • Unless you choose quartz, you are going to have to maintain your stone splashback annually by sealing it. This can add to cost and will be something you need to make sure you dokitchen-splashbacks-red properly, to ensure it stays in tip-top condition.
  • A professional will need to fit your stone splashback, as this is not something which you can do with basic DIY skills. If you attempt it yourself and don’t seal or install properly then your splashback is not going to stand up to demands and will probably degrade very easily.
  • Stone splashbacks are more expensive when compared to glass, in terms of the initial cost, installation, and maintenance.
  • A stone splashback is best reserved for a traditionally designed kitchen, such as a country cottage or rustic option. If you have a modern kitchen, then glass is probably a better choice for you.

Whichever option you go for, remember to clean and maintain your splashback regularly, in order to keep it looking as good as possible, for as long as possible. It’s equally as important to shop around for the best deals, as you may fall lucky and find a real bargain. Whilst stone is a little more expensive than glass for a splashback, it does look fantastic and very professional when installed, whereas glass may look modern, but perhaps don’t have the same sparkle and opulence that a stone splashback does. Of course, the continuity option of your stone countertop is also a major plus point.

If you can find a bargain, look after it, and maintain it whenever it needs to be maintained, then you will find that your stone splashback will more than last the test of time, and whatever your hob wants to throw at it!