Pros and Cons of Carrara Marble Countertops!

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carrara-marble-countertopsIf you are a big fan of white marble, than the Carrara designed countertops are the perfect choice for you. It is one of the cheapest stone options and it looks gorgeous combined with almost every type of cabinet color, adding brightness and a glance of light to your kitchen.

Even thought it costs less, you should always pay attention to liquid spills, because it may cause stains and harbor bacteria, and to the fact that purchasing a Carrara marble countertop will imply you to do weekly maintenance activities, in order to keep your house clean.

Facts About Carrara Marble Countertop

Found in the province of Carrara, Italy, this beautiful stone is used in manufacturing countertops, tabletops and tiles for home designs all around the world. Like other marble types of worktops, Carrara is porous, making it to absorb liquids and to be sensitive to high acidic cleaning solutions. Because it is white, wine, oil, juice or vinegar stains can easily pop up on its surface.

Also, a disadvantage of using white marble countertops is the fact that they require regular maintenance in order to keep the surface nice, shiny and clean. In addition, pH-balanced rock cleaner solutions need to be used to not affect the worktops properties.

Due to the fact that marble is a natural stone, it comes in various colors and designs, having very unpredictable veining network inside of its texture. The tints of Carrara marble countertops colors may vary from a light shade of white, up to a dark, very dense veining look. If you have a problem using white marble, here are some great alternatives to be taken into consideration:

  • Bianco Romano – granite
  • Beola Ghiandonata – granite
  • Casa Blanca – granite
  • Glancier White – granite

Advantages of Having a Carrara Marble Countertop in Your Kitchen

The main reason why most people choose marble tops for their house design is because of their beauty. The timeless, classic beauty conferred by this natural rock can’t be achieved by using granite or soapstone. Another fact that encourages using of marble in the kitchen it’s the cool temperature nature of the rock, making the Carrara model to be perfect for working with pastry due to its very low heat conductance.

carrara-marble-countertops-1Despite some rare types of marble, that can be very expensive and cost a huge amount of money, the widely used Carrara (also called Carrera) is one the least expensive marble worktops. The price, depending of your location, is about $30 – $40 per installed square foot.

As expected, being so widely used, Carrara marble countertops can be found at almost every stone fabricator, unlike quartzes or granite slabs, which could create you a headache only by trying to find the yard available to customize it for your own usage.

Every beauty has a cost! In this sense, here are the most common problems reported by house-owners:


  • When long time exposed to acidic liquids (lemon juice, vinegar);
  • Sensitive to knifes, pots and pans;


  • Liquid spills can penetrate into its texture, causing indelible stains on the surface of the countertop;
  • Sealing can be a short term solution for stains, but not so great for etches;


  • No problem for repairing marble tiles countertops (just replace the damaged tile);
  • Difficult to repair if you own a slab (needs the whole countertop to be replaced);