Pros & Cons for Manufactured Quartz Countertops

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Granite has dominated the design scene for many years, but it is now time for a change. The newest trend is manufactured quartz countertop, a livelong and non-porous material. What is manufactured quartz? It is a product made of quartz, resins and pigments, with very low impact on the environment. The quartz makes the product resistant to staining and scratches, while the resins make the product glossy and smooth.

Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of the quartz countertops.


Low maintenance and durability

Quartz is naturally resistant to stains, scratches and dents due to the strength of the material. Cleaning quartz countertops is very easy, due to its slick surface. Daily cleaning is handled with soap, water and a soft cloth. Occasionally, use a glass cleaner for deeper cleaning.


Quartz countertop is impermeable to bacteria and germs. It can still look like new even after 10 years.


Manufactured quartz countertop can mimic other materials like marble or granite. Design options with manufactured quartz countertop are limitless and can meet every buyer’s need. Colour palette is very wide for this material, including greens, blues and yellows. It comes with or without veining, in matte and glossy finish.


Quartz can also be used in larger vertical surfaces without visible seams. It can also be used for walls and floors. However, it shouldn’t be used as flooring over radiant heat, because of the lower resistance to heat.


Less resistant to heat and Impact

Manufactured quartz is not as resistant to heat as granite. Using mats will protect the countertop from damaging by high temperature. Edges can be chipped and damaged if exposed to high impact.

Chemical Sensibility: Avoid highly acidic or alkaline-based household chemicals to prevent the countertop from damaging. Make sure you wipe out the spills and grease before it stains.

Not recommended for outdoor use

Resin, one of the materials used in manufactured quartz countertops, is not UV stable, therefore quartz is not recommended for outdoor use.

Weight: Quartz is even heavier and denser than the nature stone; therefore there is a chance that the supporting structure should be reinforced to take over the impact of the heavy countertop before the installation.

Quartz can take the overall appearance of your kitchen to the next level. It can fit well in modern or traditional style kitchens. Quartz has the widest colour and pattern range out of all countertop materials. Unconventional choices can be found in quartz’s range, but also classic, marble or granite looking styles. Quartz requires very low maintenance and does not need sealing. It is easy to clean with water and soap. Although it can be used in bathrooms and as flooring, it is not recommended for outdoor use.

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