Pure White Quartz for Kitchen Worktops – 10 Pros & Cons

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Pure White Quartz for Kitchen Worktops – 10 Pros & Cons

White quartz stone is a timeless choice for kitchen worktops and it never goes out of fashion. In most cases, white also requires higher maintenance than other colours. But what applies to other materials doesn’t have to apply to quartz. That is to say, quartz is a material that is almost impossible to stain. But that is not the only advantage of quartz worktops, so continue reading to find out about them, but also its cons.

 1. Wide range

 There is not just one pure white quartz, but a few. They have one main thing in common- pure white background, but they have different patterns. There are options with veining and granulation. Even amongst them, there is a difference between the intensity of the pattern. Browse our quartz stone collection.

 2. Numerous options

You will also have the ability to shop from different brands and choose the one that fits your budget and needs. At Inova Stone, you can find world-leading brands in the production of quartz slabs, such as Silestone, Caesarstone or Compac. You will have the ability to choose from 10 different brands and their different ranges.

 3. Non-porous

Pure white quartz is as just resistant to staining as any other quartz. Quartz is a man-made stone, made as a combination of natural quartz, resins and polymers. Every quartz slab has the same resin percentage, so they are all equally resistant to staining.

 4. Can be heavy

Quartz has densely packed molecules and because of that it is heavy. Some units may require additional structural support before the installation.

 5. Easy to maintain

 Pure white requires a bit more maintenance than other colours, only because everything is more visible on it. Other than that, white quartz is as just easy to clean as any other colour. The cleaning is handled with just soap and water.

 6. Durable

 Quartz is one of the toughest stones found in nature. It will not break or crack under excessive force. You will not have to worry if you drop a heavy object that your worktops will break.

 7. Scratch proof

 Quartz is also highly resistant to scratches because of its durability. You can even cut directly on your kitchen worktops and they will not get scratched.

 8. Sensitive to chemicals

 You should avoid all cleaners that contain bleach or ammonia. Such cleaners can lessen the bond between the stone and resins and make it less resistant to staining. If such cleaners accidentally come in contact with your worktops, neutralize their effect with water.

 9. UV sensitive

 Quartz is sensitive to UV rays because of resins. Due to that, quartz can fade in colour if it is constantly exposed to sun rays.

 10. Long-lasting

 Most brands offer a warranty on all their products that goes up to a few decades. In that amount of time you can be sure that your worktops will be still the quality as the day you bought them.

 Pure white quartz is an as good option for kitchen worktops as any other quartz. It is highly resistant to staining and it is very durable. It won’t get scratched and it is easy to maintain.

 For more information about our quartz range, please feel free to contact us.