Quartz Bathroom Countertops – Pros & Cons

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Choosing the stone for your bathroom countertops can be a difficult choice that can often take many weeks. You need to make sure that your stone of choice has all of the necessities such as being waterproof and being able to withstand high amounts of traffic. While you want it to be great for your lifestyle you also want it to look great too!

Quartz comes with a long list of advantages, especially for the bathroom area, however it does not come free of negatives either. This article will cover some of the pros and cons that you need to consider when thinking of using Quartz for your bathroom countertop.

Pros of Quartz for Bathroom Countertops

One of the features that you need to have within your bathroom is that the stone is waterproof, and the reason why goes without saying. Quartz is brilliant for this use as it will never soak up any water that has been spilt. As this will be a daily occurrence and cannot be avoided at all, you can be rest assured that Quartz will do this role perfectly. With small amounts of water, you will be able to leave it to air dry.

Quartz is also known for its incredible strength too, being just second to diamond for its strength. This is what gives Quartz its resistance to being scratched too. With your Quartz countertop being scratch resistant, if you accidentally slip sharp objects along it such as razors, you will not have to immediately worry.

This strength is also what gives Quartz its heat resistance too, which is great for when you may use the bathroom for getting ready. With hot items such as hair straighteners, you will never have to worry that you may accidentally leave them directly on the surface while still hot. We recommend using heat pads where possible, however this creates a great safety net.

Being a non-porous stone, Quartz also creates a healthy atmosphere too. You will be sure that no bacteria will harbour beneath the surface as it just cannot penetrate the surface at all.

Lastly, Quartz is very consistent in appearance as it has been man made. This allows you to not worry about the appearance as each piece will always match up.

Cons of Quartz Bathroom Countertops

While Quart is great for being consistent in appearance, this can be a huge downside for a lot of people. If you are seeking for a material that will create character, then Quartz simply will not be able to do this. Even though it can create the look of much more non-uniformed stones such as Marble, it is not the same as Quartz will be consistent throughout.

Quartz is very easy to keep clean, however it is sensitive to a lot of chemicals which may make it difficult to clean. You may find that you find it difficult remembering the list of chemicals that cannot be used and eventually end up damaging your bathroom countertop.