Quartz Kitchen Countertops – Pros & Cons

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Quartz Kitchen Countertops

Quartz Kitchen Countertops

Quartz is becoming incredibly popular with homeowners who are renovating their kitchens, in particular changing their kitchen countertops. Although, is Quartz really that great and should it be as popular as it is? We will find out during this article.

By the end of this article, you should have a better understanding on whether Quartz Stone is for you and your home and whether you wish to have it for your kitchen countertops.


Quartz Stone is so popular to have for kitchen countertops, for a variety of reasons. Quartz is one of the most hygienic stones you can buy as it has been specifically manufactured to prevent bacteria from growing, making it the perfect material for areas where there will be food preparation. Quartz is also scratch and heat resistant, with it being only second to diamond for its strength it is brilliant for not scratching. Even though Quartz Stone is really good for being heat resistant, you should still never place hot pans or pots directly onto the surface without using heat pads.

As long as you look after your Quartz kitchen countertops, they can last and look great for many years to come.
One of the big pluses for Quartz Stone is that it does not require many maintenance and special upkeep, unlike a lot of other natural stones that require regular sealing. Therefore, it is one of the cheaper and budget options for long-term spending.

Quartz Stone is such a non-porous material that you never have to worry about it getting stained as it will not retain liquids that have been spilled. Any spillages that occur can be very easily cleaned away with minimal hassle, which again makes it perfect for kitchen areas.

Lastly, Quartz is great for being consistent in colour and patterns. Other natural stones are not as manufactured as Quartz Stone and therefore does not compete in terms of consistence on appearance. You should never be disappointed in how your Quartz countertops look.


Just as Quartz has its good sides, it also has some downfalls and reasons to not buy. Quartz Stone does not look the same as natural stones which may be a problem for some customers who wish to achieve this look. As Quartz is a manufactured stone, it will never compete with the look of natural stones.

Despite Quartz being strong and durable, it is definitely not impossible to damage. Quartz can still be damaged permanently if hit with enough forced, which may make it unsuitable for families with younger children.
You also need to take care with the cleaning products you use on your Quartz kitchen countertops as it is very sensitive to certain chemicals and cleaning products. If you use a product that contains a high pH level, you may end up damaging your countertops permanently, which could cause accidents to occur if you forget or misread labels.

Lastly, Quartz Stone is not seamless as if you require large pieces to be made then the supplier will secure multiple pieces of Quartz Stone together to achieve the desired size, which results in a not-so-seamless appearance at the end of the process.