Quartz Kitchen Island Worktops – 10 Advantages You Should Know

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Quartz Kitchen Island Worktops – 10 Advantages You Should Know

Quartz is now the first choice of many homeowners looking to invest in new kitchen worktops. It comes with many advantages while it doesn’t break the bank. Quartz is most often used for kitchen countertops and kitchen island tops, but it can be used also for floors and walls. Having quartz kitchen island worktops will make your everyday life easier, as it comes with many benefits. Continue reading and find out about them.

 1. Non-porous

 Quartz is a manufactured stone made as a combination of 93% natural quartz and 7% resins. The resins are added to make quartz non-porous. Non-porous surfaces do not absorb water and liquids, leading us to a second and third advantage listed in this article.

 2. Resistant to staining

 Since quartz doesn’t absorb liquids, it is highly resistant to staining. Even most persistent liquids such as wine or coffee will not be able to leave a stain, making your kitchen island worktops perfect both for food consumption as well as its preparation.

 3. Hygienic

 Natural stones have microscopic pores in which bacteria and germs can lodge. That is not the case with quartz, as those microscopic pores are filled with resins during the manufacturing process.

 4. Variety of colours

 Quartz has a variety of colour options since pigments can be added during its manufacturing process. If you are shopping for unusual colour, you will most likely find it in quartz’s range. Its colour palette consists of both neutral classic colours and bright unusual ones and it is covering most buyers’ needs.

 5. Resistant to scratching

 Quartz is one of the hardest stones found in nature, ranking number 7 out of 10 on the Mohs scale of hardest stones. Naturally, since this stone is very hard, it will be resistant to scratching. Just beware that cutting directly on your kitchen island worktops can dull your knives.

 6. Easy to clean

 Quartz has a sleek and smooth surface which makes the cleaning effortless. All you need is some soap, water and a soft cloth. Just make some soapy water and wipe the worktops with a cloth.

 7. Doesn’t need sealing

 With quartz worktops, you can forget about the sealing. Resins are already acting as a sealant and making it resistant to staining.

 8. Affordable

 Quartz is not the most affordable material for worktops, but it offers a great quality-price ratio. It is more affordable than natural stones, but it provides similar characteristics. Get a free online quote for worktops.

 9. Appearance

 Quartz is an elegant and luxurious option for kitchens when it comes to its appearance. Quartz pairs well with both traditional and modern style kitchen cabinets.

 10. Durability

 Quartz is a very durable stone that will not crack when you accidentally drop something heavy on it. It has a tight molecule structure which is hard to break.

 For information about the prices of quartz kitchen island worktops, please feel free to visit InovaStone’s showroom or contact us.