Quartz Marble Look Worktops – 8 Pros & Cons

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Quartz Marble Look Worktops – 8 Pros & Cons

 Quartz worktops and countertops with marble look are an excellent replacement for the real marble. Not only that it will look very similar to the real marble, but it will also have some better characteristics. Many homeowners are choosing quartz over marble for its affordability and durability. While those are just two of the quartz pros, it also comes with a few cons.

Continue reading and decide whether quartz marble look worktops are a good fit for you.

1. It is manufactured

 Quartz is a man-made product, made of natural quartz and resins. During the manufacturing process, the pigments are added to make it look like marble. This fact also affects many other characteristics of this stone.

 2. Non-porous

 Resins are forming a waterproof surface on top which no liquid can break. This means that quartz is highly resistant to staining and an excellent choice for kitchen worktops. Having white quartz marble look will not be a problem since this material is so highly resistant to staining.

 3. Easy to maintain

 Quartz has a smooth surface that makes the cleaning effortless. All you will need is some soapy water and a soft cloth.

 4. UV sensitive

 Constant exposure to UV rays can lessen the bond between the components. It is not advised to use quartz outdoors.

 5. Various options

 There is not just one marble looking quartz, but many. You will be able to choose not only the colour but also the pattern. Marble is recognizable by the veining which can be very versatile. The same applies to quartz; the veining can be very thick or thin, dimmed or pronounced, light or dark. The possibilities are numerous and anyone can find something in quartz’s range. Browse our full stone collection for kitchen work surfaces.

 6. Very durable

 Quartz marble look is a very hard stone that will not break when exposed to high pressure. Quartz will handle all accident drops of heavy objects without breaking or cracking.

 7. Heavy

 Since it is so durable, it is also very heavy. Some additional structural support may be required for some cabinets.

 8. Affordable

 Quartz marble look worktops is more affordable than natural stones, including marble and granite. Although it is more affordable, it isn’t of poorer quality. Quartz has some great features that marble does not- resistance to staining and ease of maintenance.

 Quartz has many advantages that are beating all the few disadvantages it has. It is a great substitute to marble since it is more affordable, but has some better characteristics. Marble looking quartz is almost the same as the real one and only the experts will be able to tell the difference.

 Do you have any more questions about quartz marble effect worktops? If yes, please contact us and we will be happy to help.