Quartz Silestone vs Lunastone – What Is The Best Option

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In the combat of taking the lead on the quartz worktop producers, Lunastone and Silestone are 2 companies to be taken into consideration. Even if Lunastone’s quartz is newly introduced into the market, it is experiencing an amazing growth and more and more clients tend to choose this type of worktop over the classic and well defined one provided by Silestone.

Lunastone Quartz: From Texture to Installation

contemporary-kitchenLunastone is a compund material made of about 90% natural crushed quartz and 10% pigments and binding solutions. Due to this incredible amount of quartz in its composition, the durability and the stain resistant surface are options to be considered when making a long term investment. Also, being a man-made composition, the range of products available to be purchased varies from kitchen countertops to sets of well designed furniture elements.

When it comes to style, each customer provides its own requirements. Here are the quartz colors available for Lunastone:

  • Artico;
  • Bianco Carrara;
  • Botticino;
  • Brunastro;
  • Chocolate;
  • Concreto;
  • Crema Perla;
  • Galassia;
  • Luminosso Bianco;
  • Luminoso Biscotti;
  • Luminoso Cocoa;
  • Luminoso Luna;
  • Luminoso Rossi;
  • Metallo Bianco;
  • Multicolor Pearla;
  • Nero Perla;
  • Nocturno;
  • Sabbia;
  • Salmon;
  • Stone;
  • Tempesta;

Considering the fact that quartz, or Silicon Dioxide, is one of the widely available minerals on the planet, the raw material required for this type of stone will never end. Thus, consider using these kinds of worktops as they tend to be one of the most widely used countertops in the world, in the near future.

Silestone Quartz: Facts and Quotes

Looking at the Silestone quartz, there are not many differences to be pointed out. The percentage of natural crushed quartz in the composition is almost the same, with the specification that for this product, chemicals are added in order to increase the flexibility of the worktop.

Also, you should take great care when buying one Silestone worktop because regular plastic tops can easily be polished and shaped as the original quartz ones, fooling you to purchase them. On the other hand, this engineered stone comes in a wide variety of colors and styles. Almost endless designs can be obtained by adjusting the pigmentation quantity introduced into the compound. As expected, this feature comes with instructions. It is highly recommended not to expose the worktop to UV light for a long period of time because overtime, the colors may fade away and the surface of it may blur.

Lunastone vs. Silestone Main Characteristics

silestone-arctic-sands-quartz-stone-countertop-p225232-1bBoth main characteristics of quartz are available into these 2 forms, making them a great choice for decorating your kitchen or your bathroom. Combining the strong texture that doesn’t allow liquid spills to penetrate and leave permanent stains with the incredible heat resistance and the double-way atoms bound, the countertops made from Silestone and Lunastone are for sure high-quality and deserves the money.

As for the price, here is a slightly difference. Silestone quartz price starts from around £50 – £100 / installed m2, while Lunastone quartz price starts from about £40 – £80 / installed m2. This difference in the price comes only from the advertising of the product and from the fact that Silestone has already made a huge step in consolidating its position in the top brands, while Lunastone is relatively new in the domain.