Quartz Stone Colours – Top 10 for Kitchen Countertops

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Quartz stone

Quartz stone

You are looking into having Quartz Stone for your kitchen countertop, or if you have already decided on it then you have made a great decision. Quartz is known for having low maintenance requirements than other stones such as Marble that require regular sealing which costs more long-term. Quartz is also known for being stain proof as it is a non-porous material, which means that it will never hold onto any liquids or spillages that occur within the kitchen.

Additionally, Quartz Stone is incredibly scratch, heat and chip resistant which makes it one of the perfect choices especially within family homes. Quartz is only second for diamond in terms of strength which makes it fantastic for not scratching easily. What makes Quartz Stone further brilliant for kitchens is that it is able to withstand a high heat without burning. Although, it is still recommended that you use heat pads when placing hot pans onto the surface to minimize the risk of damage.

As you are considering Quartz Stone, one of the one important things on your list is to decide on which colour and for that you need to know what is available. So, here is our list of our top 10 Quartz colours for kitchen countertops.

Brillo Noir

Brillo Noir is one of our black shades of Quartz which offers a mostly black appearance with white speckles throughout. This is not our darkest black on offer but is brilliant for those wanting a less darker shade but still elegant. Monochrome is such an on trend theme at the moment, which is why Brillo Noir is on our top list.


Botticino is one of our cream colours and this is such a perfect choice as it will match almost any other colour or theme that you currently have, which also makes it great if you ever change your style within the kitchen. Bottinico looks amazing with the veining appearance.

Brillo Cocoa

Brillo Cocoa is one of our rich and darkest shades of brown. Brown is one of the largest spectrums as there can be earthy browns through to coffee colours. This brown shade features little white speckles and it will go well with most other colours.

Brillo Gris

Brillo Gris is one of our grey shades of Quartz, with grey being on trend at the moment this is a brilliant choice to consider. Currently, grey is popular going with yellow so you may consider this is you are wanting to bring some yellow themes such as accessories into your kitchen.

Honey Onyx

Honey Onyx is one of our more luxurious cream colours, it offers a cream background with golden shades. Honey Onyx has such a beautiful marble effect which makes it one of our most elegant colours.

Marbre Carrara

Marbre Carrara is another one of our grey shades and has touches of black within the marble effect. Grey is such a popular colour at the moment as it goes so well with other colours.

Marbre Noir

Marbre Noir is another one of our black Quartz colours and it has touches of white without the effect. Black is such a good choice as monochrome is so on trend and black is a colour that will never be outdated.

Platino Gris

Platino Gris is one of our more classic shades of Quartz and is perfect for matching with almost any other colour. Plationo Gris is black with white speckles.


Palazzo with another one of our brown shades and has touches of black within the pattern. Brown is such a popular choice as it matches well with so many other colours.


Verona is one of our grey colours however it leans more towards a silver effect, with a touch of white. Verona is perfect for anyone wanting to add a touch of luxury to their home.