Quartz Stone for Bathroom Worktops – 10 Pros & Cons

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Quartz Stone for Bathroom Worktops – 10 Pros & Con

Quartz is a man-made stone, made as a combination of natural quartz and resins. This combination has some excellent characteristics which are of great importance for use in the bathroom. This material has many pros, but a few cons as well, so it is best to vague them according to your needs and decide whether it is a good material for your bathroom worktops.

 1. It is non-porous

 Quartz is a non-porous material, which means it doesn’t have microscopic pores in which food particles and germs can collect. The resins are forming an impermeable top layer and making the worktops non-porous.

 2. Highly hygienic

 Bacteria and germs tend to collect in microscopic pores that most materials have, even our skin. Since quartz doesn’t have pores, bacteria and germs will not lodge on it. Quartz is therefore highly hygienic, making it a perfect choice for bathroom worktops.

 3. Resistant to staining

 Quartz is also highly resistant to staining due to its non-porous qualities. Quartz will not get permanently stained by hair colours or nail polishes. If you do spill them on your quartz, just remove them with rubbing alcohol.

 4. Very durable

 Quartz is ranked number 7 out of 10 on the scale of hardest stones, with diamond as number 10. This means that quartz stone is very hard and resilient. It will not break when you expose it to heavy loads and pressure.

 5. Sensitive to chemicals

 Quartz is sensitive to all highly alkaline or acidic chemicals. Most household cleaning agents are not suitable for quartz and they can lead to discolouration. Avoid all household chemicals and simply use soap and water. That should be enough to remove all the dirt, while not damaging your quartz.

 7. Heavy

 Quartz has densely packed molecules and it is therefore heavy. Some cabinets may require additional structural support before the installation, especially the one under the sink.

 8. Relatively affordable

 Quartz is not the cheapest material for bathroom worktops, but it offers a great price-quality ratio. Quartz is more affordable than natural stones while providing similar characteristics.

 9. Moderately resistant to heat

 Quartz is not the best material when it comes to resistance to high temperatures. Exposing it to heat can lead to burns and discolourations on your surfaces. Resins tend to expand and melt on high temperatures and it is best to postpone hot objects on mats to prevent that from happening.

 10. Long-lasting

 With proper use, quartz worktops will last you for decades. This material is very durable and it will naturally be very long-lasting. All quartz brands offer a warranty on their products that can last for a lifetime.

 There are many reasons why quartz stone is an excellent material for bathroom worktops, with only a few cons. Even then, its cons are easily bypassed just with proper use.

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