Quartz vs Granite vs Marble Worktops!

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star-galaxy-kitchen-720x480When it comes about choosing something right for your own home, many people are tempted to search for the best option for a long time. In terms of worktops, the next content should make your job easier by showing you the best three options on the actual market with their advantages and disadvantages.

To start, let’s see the options I was talking about: quartz, granite and marble worktops.

Quartz Worktops

They are well-known for their resistance by time and for their amazing and unique colors and patterns.  Unlike the other two options, the quartz worktops are manufactured by mixing together some pigments and keeping the natural quartz stone in percentage of 95. It is used for centuries but it keeps the spot in the front of the tops due to its charm and unique beauty.  After all its beauty advantages, the quartz worktops have some other things which will make you to not think twice in choosing them for your house, such as:

  • They are highly resistant to heat;
  • They are impermeable;
  • They are easy to maintain and clean;
  • They are resistant to shock, scratches and cracks;
  • They are non-porous which give them bacteria protection;

Also, the price is not very expensive fact which makes quartz worktops affordable for everyone, no matter the budget.

Here I go with the three great brands of quartz worktops:

  • Cambria;
  • Zodiaq;
  • Silestone;

Granite Worktops

granite-worktopsGranite is a natural luxury stone which will never fall out of fashion, so they will not ever depreciate in value. They are also found in many colors and patterns and they are known for their lifetime resistance. So, if you ever get tired of your color choice you will find a way to live with it or you will rip out the entire investment. There for more, if you want a unique color for your worktop, you will never choose the granite worktops, because every slab of them is different.

The price is quite expensive, but the installation is even for three times more due to its laborious work.

Pros granite worktops:

  • They have a luminous and shiny look;
  • They are sanitary fact which provides you from bacteria;
  • They are very easy to clean (even with cold water);

Marble Worktops

The last ones, but not the least, here it comes the marble worktops. They will give an air of sophistication to your room, so if look for a distinction and a different style for you home, the marble worktops are the best.  They are also well-known for their unique pieces (you will never find two same pieces) and for their durability. If they are properly cared, the marble worktops can be a lifetime investment which will never lose its beauty.  Even if they are not stain resistant, many people choose them because of their lower price.

For sure, the right choice depends on every customer’s style and budget so it can be said which the best option for a room is. But definitely every client tries to accomplish a harmonically atmosphere in his leaving place which make the decision even harder than it appears. After all, everybody wants to find a material which can be both: beautiful and resistant, and at an affordable price.