Quartz Worktops for Bathrooms – Top 10 Pros & Cons

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Quartz Worktops for Bathrooms – Top 10 Pros & Cons

Quartz worktops have been one of the most popular for kitchens, but they are also an excellent option for bathrooms. Quartz comes with many benefits, but also with a few cons. It is best for you to vague its pros and cons according to your needs and decide for yourself whether it is a good option for you. In this article, you will be presented with them and it may help you out decide.

 1. Quartz is non-porous

 Non-porous surfaces are the ones that don’t absorb water and liquids. Quartz slabs are made as a combination of 93% natural quartz and 7% resins. Natural quartz is porous like any other stone while adding resins makes it non-porous.

 2. It is stain resistant

 Non-porous surfaces are resistant to staining. You can be sure that even nail polishes will not permanently stain your worktops. Just remove the spills with rubbing alcohol and your worktops will be clean and without any damages.

 3. Sensitive to chemicals

 Quartz is sensitive to chemicals like ammonia and bleach. Those chemicals can be usually found in household cleaners and it is best to avoid all of them.

 4. Durable

 Quartz is very durable and it will not break or crack no matter what. Although it is not the cheapest option for bathroom worktops, it will make a great investment. Quartz worktops will last you for decades because of their durability and investing in them will pay off.

 5. Easy to maintain

If you want a material that you can get installed and simply forget about, quartz is the way to go. Quartz requires a very low level of maintenance; it doesn’t need sealing and it is easy to clean. The cleaning is handled with just soap, water and a soft cloth.

 6. Heavy

 Quartz has densely packed molecules which are resulting in an overall weight of the product. Some cabinets may require additional structural support, which is one of the few reasons why quartz should be installed by professionals.

 7. UV sensitive

 Constant exposure to UV rays can lessen the bond between quartz and resins. If your worktops are not exposed to direct sunlight for most of the day, you shouldn’t worry about this. However, if the position of your washing stand is exposed to sun rays for most of the day, you might want to reconsider quartz.

 8. Various colours

 During quartz’s production, the pigments are also added. Quartz has one of the widest colour ranges on the market and you will have no hard times choosing the perfect colour.

 9. Can be damaged by heat

 Natural quartz is very resistant to heat, but resins are not. Exposing your worktops to hot hair dryers can lead to discolouration. White spots and cloudiness are usually the consequence of heat damage. Avoid postponing hot tools on your worktops or use mats underneath them.

 10. Modern design

 Quartz offers modern solutions for contemporary bathrooms. It is an elegant and stylish option that will make your bathroom like a 5-star hotel one.  Having more questions about quartz worktops for bathrooms? Please, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you.