Quartz Worktops for Small Kitchens - Pros & Cons

Working around a small kitchen can be intimidating because you need to make sure that your kitchen is functional and the movement around it is flowing. However, having a small kitchen can be an advantage also- you’ll have fewer surfaces to clean, less room to accommodate unnecessary devices that get used once a year and eventually less stress around it.

Quartz can be just the perfect material in such cases because it is a reliable material that is easy to maintain. Continue reading and find out what are the advantages and disadvantages of having quartz worktops for small kitchens.


1. Resistant to staining

Quartz worktops are non-porous, which means they don’t absorb fluids. This makes them resistant to staining, which can be important in small kitchens as you will not have as much room to manipulate kitchenware and a lot of spills can happen. Luckily, you will have a powerhouse in that department so you won’t need to think about staining.

2. More affordable

Having a small kitchen also means that you will spend less money on your worktops. With quartz countertop prices starting from £250, that can mean a great saving in your budget.

3. Durable

If you were wondering whether quartz is a material that can handle pressure such as an unintentional drop of a heavy object, the answer is yes. Quartz stone is a durable material perfect for small spaces where lot more accidents occur.

4. Easy to maintain

You don’t want a material that you need hours to clean and remove stains. Luckily, quartz is easy to maintain with just soap and water. Just make some soapsuds and wipe your surfaces with a soft cloth.

Quartz doesn’t need sealing unlike natural stones, which also helps the budget in the long run.

5. Various design options

For small kitchens, it is best to choose brighter and lighter colours because they will make your kitchen look more spacious. Light colours reflect more light so they will make the room look bigger. Luckily, quartz has a huge palette of light colours like white, beige or cream. However, if you want a dark colour, quartz also has a variety of those. Check out our wide collection of stone, perfect for your kicthen surfaces.


1. Sensitive to chemicals

Quartz is sensitive to chemicals that contain bleach or ammonia. Cleaning agents that contain them should be avoided and you should instead stick to water and soap. If your worktops come accidentally in contact with those chemicals, neutralize their effect with water.

2. You should use mats and trivets

Having a small kitchen means less space for storing, so you might be considering not using mats, but that is not advised. You should always use mats to place hot objects because heat can  discolour quartz. 

Having quartz worktops for small kitchens can be a great advantage because this material is so easy to maintain and it is durable. Having small kitchen doesn’t mean that you have to compromise the quality of it, so quartz makes a perfect choice.

Need more information about our range of quartz worktops? Please feel free to contact us or visit our showroom to find out more.

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