Quartz worktops in High Wycombe – Price, Supply & Installation

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Looking for new new kitchen worktops in the High Wycombe area? Look no further and leave this to the professionals. We will do a complete makeover of your kitchen, with a variety of manufactured quartz worktops you can choose from. From crisp with to darkest grey, with or without veining, any style you can think of we got it covered.

Continue reading to find out about the prices, supplies and installation process of a quartz worktop.


Quartz is a man-made material containing 93% of natural quartz and 7% resin and colour pigment. This man-made product is less expensive than the natural materials such as granite or marble. Although it can give the appearance of marble, quartz retains the physical characteristics of the material, such as durability and easy maintenance. Not only the starting price for quartz worktops is less expensive, but the costs of maintenance are also less compared to other worktop materials.

Prices for quartz worktops are starting from £250 per square meter.


Fabrication of quartz worktops is done in our workshops. We work only with renovated and reliable suppliers that provide us with the highest quality quartz.  Highest quality manufactured quartz is guaranteed whether you are looking for a makeover of a residential or commercial facility.


We pride ourselves with more than 20 years of experience in worktop installations. Our fabricators have a long background in this industry and are experienced in worktop replacements as well as a new worktop installation.

Kitchen renovation has never been easier with specialist equipment that cuts the quartz worktop efficiently. We are happy to complete the worktop fitting for you.

The installation process takes less than a day and has four steps. The first step is leveling. In this step, we are making sure that all cabinets are on the exact same level to get the even surface.

The second step is adding support in the areas that do not have cabinetry, such as the above dishwasher. The thirds step is fabrication. In this step we cut the worktop to the desired shape and size. This step also includes fabricating edges to a specific treatment.

The fourth and final step is to join the seams. This steaming is done with an epoxy, which enables seamless and even appearance to the quartz worktop.

Best value for money is guaranteed at Inova Stone. Every process is done to meet the highest standards and specifications. We work only with proven and reliable suppliers. Our fabricators are experienced in installing new worktops and in worktop replacements. We are proud to say that our installation services are used by leading UK brands. Whether it’s a commercial or residential facility, we’ve got you covered.

Need more information about our availability and exact prices of the fabrication and installation? Please contact us and we will be happy to help you.