Quartz Worktops Prices, Best Colours & Top Benefits

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Quartz Worktops Prices, Best Colours & Top Benefits

Quartz is one of the most popular materials for both kitchen worktops and bathroom worktops for good reasons. It has great mechanical characteristics and a very wide colour range. It is more affordable than its first competitors and it will last you long. Continue reading and find everything about quartz worktops, the top benefits, best colours and price.


 1. Resistant to staining: quartz is made of natural quartz stone and resins, which are forming a waterproof layer and making quartz resistant to staining. Quartz is so resistant that even liquids such as coffee or wine will not be a problem to remove.

 2. Variety of colours and patterns: as manufactured stone, quartz has a very wide colour palette. During its making process, the pigments can be added to change its colour or add patterns. Therefore, quartz has a very wide palette that covers every buyer’s needs. It can even look like other stones, such as marble or granite.

 3. Easy to maintain: quartz has a sleek and smooth surface that makes the cleaning effortless. The cleaning is handled with just soap and water. Firstly, you will need to make the soapsuds, then wipe your worktops with cloth, and lastly, remove the residue with a clean damped cloth.

 4. Durable

 Quartz is one of the hardest stones found in nature. It is ranking number 7 out of 10 on the scale of hardest minerals. Quartz will not break under pressure or force. You can be sure that when you accidentally drop a heavy object on you worktops, they will handle it.

 Quartz Worktops Colours

 In our range, you will find some of the most beautiful classic colours that will be a timeless choice for your kitchen or bathroom from well known brands like Silestone, Lunastone, Classic Quartz, Cimstone, Dekton & more. You can choose from different brands and find the one that fits your budget and style the best. If you were looking for black countertops, consider Et Noir, Vanilla Noir or Brillo Noir. Some of the most beautiful white colours are Torquay, Bianco Calacatta and Superwhite. Other colours to look at include Smoke Grey, Sines and Merope. These are just some of the most popular ones, but there are countless other colours that may be just the perfect one for you. View our full collection of quartz stone colours.

 Quartz Worktops Prices

 Quartz is standing in the middle when it comes to the price scale. It is not the most expensive material, but not the cheapest either.  That being said, quartz offers a great price-quality ratio and investing in it is a smart decision.

 The prices for quartz worktops are varying from colour to colour and from brand to brand. Some rare colours are more expensive than common ones. Also, some renowned brands may cost more than the newly established ones. However, you can always ask us for a free quote; you will just need to provide us with the measures of your kitchen or bathroom.

 The prices for quartz worktops are starting from £250 per square meter.

Need more information about the prices and colours of quartz worktops? Please feel free to contact us for more.