Quartz Worktops Rickmansworth – Price & Installation

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Quartz Worktops Rickmansworth – Price & Installation

Quartz has quickly become the number one choice of many homeowners looking to invest in new kitchen worktops. This material has become so popular because it offers great characteristics at a reasonable price. It has one of the best price-quality ratios you will find on the market. You will also have the ability to choose from many different colours and brands.

 There are many reasons to choose quartz worktops, but only one best place to get them at- Inova Stone. Here, we template, supply and fit quartz worktops in Rickmansworth and surrounding areas at competitive prices within 5 days.

 Benefits of quartz worktops:

 1. Non-porous: quartz has a non-porous surface which is stain resistant. This means that the spills will just sit on top, without absorbing. It is perfect for kitchens for this reason, as no liquid will ever leave a permanent stain.

2. Tough: quartz is one of the hardest stones and it will not break easily. Quartz will handle high pressure without breaking or cracking. You can be sure that your worktops will not break when you accidentally drop something heavy on them.

 3. Variety of colours: quartz, as manufactured stone, has a variety of colour options. When quartz slabs are made, the pigments are added to them. Quartz has one of the widest colours ranges on the market.

 4. Easy to clean: as a non-porous material, quartz has a sleek surface that makes the cleaning effortless. Even stubborn dried spills or gunk can be removed with just lukewarm water and soap.

 Price & Installation in Rickmansworth

The prices for kitchen quartz worktops are different from brand to brand and from colour to colour. Some renowned brands like Silestone can be more expensive than new ones. The colour is also a huge factor in the price. Some colours can be rare and therefore expensive. You can browse our stone collection and always get a free quote upon call or filling an online form; you will just need to provide us with the measures of your kitchen elements.

 The prices for quartz worktops and countertops are starting from £250 per square meter.

The installation is handled by our team with years of experience in the industry. At Inova Stone, we can complete the whole process of getting new worktops, from the supply to the installation all across Rickmansworth. The whole process can be completed in just one week from the moment you call us.

 The installation will take only a few hours and you can observe the whole process. When the installation is completed, your new worktops will be ready to use.

 For more information about the prices of quartz worktops and countertops in Rickmansworth, please feel free to contact us.