Quartz Worktops Supplied & Fitted – Top 6 Advantages

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Thinking about new worktops? No wonder why quartz is one of your top choices; this material has gained popularity over the past several years no other material has. It has excellent characteristics that are of value in both kitchens and bathrooms. The advantages of this material are numerous, but we have made a list of top 6 that will make working in a kitchen or bathroom easier.

1. Variety of colours and styles
In the process of manufacturing, pigments are added to change the colour of quartz. This means that quartz can have almost any colour you can imagine, from classic one to very unusual and bold colours. Introducing quartz to an already set-up home style is very effortless because you can easily find in its range a colour that will match it perfectly.

2. It can imitate other materials
Quartz can be also altered to have the appearance of other stones, such as marble or granite. Only the experts will tell a difference between the imitation and the real one. While it can have the appearance of other stones, it will preserve the characteristics of its own. Also, it is more affordable than the two.

3. Quartz is a non-porous material
This means that quartz can’t absorb liquids and water, which is of great importance in kitchens and bathrooms. Quartz worktops are almost impossible to stain because of this characteristic. Even if you spill something, you can easily remove it with a just damped cloth.

4. It is very easy to maintain
Cleaning of quartz is very easy- all you need is soap, water and a soft cloth. In addition to this, quartz doesn’t require sealant, unlike many other countertop materials. You can have your quartz worktops installed and completely forget about them, as they require a very low level of maintenance. However, you shouldn’t use harsh cleaners that contain bleach or ammonia that can damage its surface.

5. It is very durable
This material is one of the toughest found in nature. High impact of force will not damage it easily, but you should be more careful around the edges, which tend to chip easier.

6. Can be used for various purposes
Aside from kitchen and bathroom worktops, you can use quartz for wall cladding, floors, backsplashes, shower walls…The only downside is that quartz is restricted to indoor use only, due to the fact that it is UV unstable.

At InovaStone, we supply and fir quartz worktops at competitive prices. We work with acclaimed brands that are the guarantee of the quality. Silestone, Compac and Dekton are just a few of the top quartz brands you can find in our range.

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