Sensa Quartz Stone – 10 Colours for Kitchen Worktops

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Sensa Quartz stone is a superb choice when it comes to kitchen worktops. But not only can it be used for in the kitchen, it can also be used for the walls around your home and even floor tiles. But it does not stop there! Sensa Quartz can also be used inside the home and for your outdoor living areas too.


Sensa comes in a range of colours, so here is a peek into our collection with 10 of our colours for kitchen worktops.

White Macaubas

White Macaubas is one of our white colours. The base colour is white and off white markings on top, these markings are created from off centred vertical lines to give it some life.

Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal offers a beautiful blend of golden and cream colours mixed throughout the slab. The veining creates one stunning neutral colour that will look perfect in any home. If you are looking for a neutral colour that will never dull, this is a certain contender.


The Orinoco colour slab offers a mixture of black, white, gold and light brown colours which work together to create a stunning and unique pattern. Orinoco looks almost like a painting that would be stunning for any home and will become the centrepiece in its own right.

Moak Black

Our Moak Black coloured Sensa Quartz slab is an almost solid black colour which has been given some contrast by the tiny dots of lighter black/dark grey markings.

Indian Black

Indian Black is yet another one of our black colours, which offers a mixture of black and off-white colours to create another stunning pattern which appears to be almost swirl like.

Ice Blue

Unlike the name suggests, there is no blue within this Sensa colour. The main colour is beige, so it is another great neutral colour for your home. The colour has been given a dark brown pattern that is made up of lines and dashes with darker beige chunks.

Glacial Blue

Glacial Blue offers a combination of brown, beige and white to create another one of our unique patterns. The marking range, from large to small throughout the entire slab.

Colonial White

This Colonial White colour has a white base colour with black dots and speckles that range from tiny to small to large, giving it a great appearance of uniqueness. If you do not want anything uniform in appearance, then Colonial White is one of our best choices within our collection.

Black Beauty

Black Beauty is one of our most stunning black colours that has a black base colour, complimented well with white that creates sea-like waves throughout the slab.

Bianco Antico

Bianco Antico has a white base colour with darker beige and cream colours which work together to create an almost faded colour look. If you are looking for a slight distressed appearance, then this may just be the Sensa colour for you.