Silestone vs Caesarstone Quartz – 6 Things you Should Know

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Silestone vs Caesarstone Quartz – 6 Things you Should Know

Silestone and Caesarstone are the pioneers in the industry of quartz slab production. While Silestone is a Spanish brand, Caesarstone has been created in Israel and since then it has expanded its production to the United States. If you have been considering them both for your tailor made kitchen worktops, but now you can’t decide, here are some useful information that will help you decide.

 1. Both have a long background in the industry

 Caesarstone has been created in 1987 in Israel where the main production still stands. Silestone was created in 1990 in Spain where most of the production still occurs. Both brands are renowned names in this industry with more or less three decades in it.

 2. Caesarstone has a higher quartz percentage

 Caesarstone has 93% of natural quartz, while Silestone has around 90%. The rest of the components in both are resins, pigments and polymers. Since quartz is very hard and resilient stone, this slight difference doesn’t have a huge effect. With both, you will not have to think about it cracking or breaking.

 3. Warranty

 Caesarstone offers a 15-year warranty on all its products, while Silestone offers a 25-year warranty. The slabs need to be installed by a certified person to obtain your warranty. When you buy your quartz slabs, don’t forget to register them on our website to activate the warranty. If you don’t do that, you will still have a 2-year warranty if you save the invoice.

 4. Colour palette

 Both have a wide colour palette that mostly consists of neutral colours. Silestone is known for the colours that are completely solid or have just a few details. Caesarstone, on the other hand, will be a better choice if you are looking for a colour with more details.

 5. They are resistant to staining

 Quartz slabs are made of natural quartz, resins and polymers. Resins are forming a waterproof surface that no liquids can break. Since both Caesarstone and Silestone are made of the same compounds, they will both be highly resistant to staining.

 6. They are easy to maintain

 Their non-porous surface is very easy to maintain; all you will need for cleaning is some soapy water and a soft cloth. With both, you will not have to think about sealing, since resins are acting as a natural sealant.

Both Silestone and Caesarstone are high-quality renowned brands and will make a great investment. They can be used for bathroom and kitchen worktops, floor tiles, walls…The only restriction is that they are not recommended for outdoor use. Both brands have very similar performances and you should choose the one according to the colour and your budget. If you find a colour that fits your budget in one’s range, you should go for it.

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