Silestone Worktops in Berkshire – Colours, Price & Fitting

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Silestone Worktops in Berkshire – Colours, Price & Fitting

Silestone is a Spanish brand which has been one of the pioneers in the quartz slab production industry. For over 25 years, this brand has become the synonym for quality and durability. Silestone is known for its solid colour quartz slabs but it also has some beautiful veined colours.

 At InovaStone, we offer Silestone worktops in Berkshire and all surrounding areas at competitive prices.


 Silestone comes in a variety of styles and colours. The most common styles are natural granulated, natural marbled and solid. Natural granulated is recognizable by the tiny granules scattered all over the surface, which can be almost the same colour as the background or they can be a contrasting colour. Natural marbled is recognizable by the veining. The veining can be thick or thin, very pronounced or subtle…view our full range of Silestone colours

 Classic colours like beige, white or black are dominating Silestone’s range. Every colour is available in a few styles and different textures. The two main textures are polished and suede. The polished one is recognizable by the high shine, while the suede is less shiny and more mat.

 Price & Fitting

 The prices for Silestone worktops in Berkshire are varying from colour to colour. The unwritten rule is that the rarer the colour is, the more expensive it will be. In its range, you can shop from different price ranges and find the colour that fits your budget the best.

 You can plan your expenses upfront and get a free online quote for your worktops. All you need to do is to feel an online form or call us. Before that, prepare the measures of your kitchen and the colour you opt for. We will give you an estimated quote, but we advise saving 10% more.

 The prices for Silestone worktops in Berkshire are starting from £300 per square meter.

 The fitting will be completed by our fully certified team. To obtain your 25-year Silestone warranty, the worktops need to be installed by a certified entity. The whole process takes only a week or two. Firstly, we will visit your home to do the template, using the tools that guarantee the highest precision. The next part is to fabricate the worktops. We use the latest technologies for fabrication, which are the guarantee that the worktops will fit perfectly to your cabinets.

 The final step is the installation. On the day of it, make sure to clear the path between the entrance and the kitchen, so our team can safely transport the slabs. The installation will take only a few hours and you can observe it if you want to.

 Need more information about the prices of Silestone worktops in Berkshire or surrounding area? Please, contact us for a free quote and samples.