Stone Bathroom Worktops in London – Price, Supply & Fitting

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Stone Bathroom Worktops in London – Price, Supply & Fitting

Stones are a large group of materials used for kitchen and bathroom worktops, floors and wall cladding. They are divided into two categories, one being the natural stones, while others are manufactured. They are very durable materials that you will not have to replace for decades. Natural stones are granite and marble, while quartz is manufactured.

 At InovaStones, we supply and fit stone bathroom worktops in London and surrounding areas. We have a wide variety of brands and colours that will cover every buyer’s needs.

 Benefits of stone bathroom worktops:

 1. Beautiful: stones are considered the most beautiful materials for many homeowners. They give a sophisticated elegance to the bathroom. Their beauty is irreplaceable and they can be used for both traditional and modern style bathrooms.

 2. Durable: stones are also the most durable materials for bathroom worktops. They will last you for decades and you will not need to replace them.

 3. Easy to maintain: natural stones require a bit more maintaining then manufactured because they need to be sealed. But when it comes to the cleaning they are all easy to clean. All you will need is some soap and water.

 4. Various options: all stones come in a variety of colours and patterns. Manufactured stones have an even bigger selection and in their range, you can even find colours that you don’t’ typically find in nature, like bright pink or orange.

Price, supply and fitting

 The price for stones is varying on the colour and the type of stone. Natural stones are on average more expensive then quartz, but there is a range of prices in all of them. For example, a rare quartz colour can be more expensive than the common granite colour. You can always plan your expenses upfront and ask as for a free quote. You will just need to provide us with the dimensions of your bathroom.

 The prices for natural stone worktops are starting from £300*, while for quartz they are starting from £250* but it depends by many factors including brand, colour, thickness and more.

 At InovaStone, we supply stone worktops from top brands. You will have the ability to choose from the well known or newly established brands including Silestone, ClassicQuartzStone, Caesarstone, Sensa, Dekton & more. We supply only the highest quality stones and you can be sure in their authenticity and quality.

 The fitting is handled by our professional team with numerous similar projects completed. From the moment you call us, the whole process can be completed in a timely fashion. The first step is to do the template when we visit your home. After that comes the fabrication, and lastly the installation. The installation will take only a few hours as we will make sure not to disrupt your home for too long.

 Need more information about the prices of stone bathroom worktops? Please, feel free to contact us for more.