Stone vs Glass Splashbacks for Kitchens – Pros & Cons

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 Splashbacks are often overlooked parts of the kitchen, but they can be that one thing that separates a nice-looking kitchen from extraordinary. Not only that they will add aesthetics value to your kitchen, but they are also highly useful. They are an essential element if you are cooking frequently. When it comes to choosing the right material for your splashbacks, it all comes down to personal preferences. Continue reading and find whether stone or glass splashbacks will be better for you.

 Stone splashbacks pros and cons

 1. Resistance to heat: one of the most important characteristics you should be looking for when choosing a splashback material, is its heat resistance. You don’t want any unwanted cracking or discolourations due to exposure to high temperatures for too long. Stones are the perfect material for splashbacks because they will handle hours of cooking with ease.

 2. Resistance to staining: another very important characteristic is resistance to staining. Granted, some stones are better than others in this category. The highest resistance has quartz, while marble has the lowest. If you cook every day, it is best to choose a stone with higher resistance, such as quartz or granite.

 3. Easy to clean: the cleaning can be handled with just soap and water. You can also use the glass cleaner instead.

 4. Sensitive to chemicals: the downside of stone splashbacks is that they are sensitive to chemicals. You should avoid cleaning products that contain ammonia or bleach and simply use soap instead.

 Glass splashbacks pros and cons

 1. Resistance to heat: glass is also highly resistant to temperatures produced in the kitchen. It will not melt or break after hours of cooking.

 2. Resistance to staining: quartz is even more resistant to staining than stones. You will have no problems removing stains even after days of them sitting on your splashbacks.

 3. Various shapes: the advantage of quartz is that it can be curvy or polygonal, which is harder to achieve with stones.

 4. Gets dirty easier: glass reflects light and therefore everything is more visible on the glass than stone splashbacks. You will need to clean your splashbacks more frequently if you want them to look clean.

 Which one should you choose?

 Now that you have a better insight into both materials, let’s discuss which one may be better for you. Glass splashbacks are a more affordable option and they are better suited for modern style kitchens. They are a bit less durable than stone surfaces, but they are also a bit more resistant to staining.

 Stone splashbacks are considered high-end and will cost more. With that being said, stone surfaces are very durable and will make a smart investment. Some stones will need regular sealing to achieve higher resistance to staining. They will suit both modern and traditional kitchen styles.

 In conclusion, both materials will perform well, it is just a question of your preferences.

 Need more help deciding between glass and stone splashbacks for your kitchen? Please request a free quote online or contact us and we will be happy to help you.