5 Benefits of Classic Quartz Tops

classic-quartz-stoneTops needs to be strong, hard-wearing, durable, and they need to not cost the earth. If you’re trying to choose between the various stone materials out there, then you have probably seen quartz stone come up in the argument time and time again. There is a very good reason for this – because it ticks every one of those option boxes we mentioned in our first line – it is strong, hard-wearing, durable, and doesn’t cost the earth!

Granite and marble are both fantastic choices in their own right, but classic quartz is increasingly popular as a material for kitchen tops, as well as those found in bathrooms too. Let’s look at why, by listing five of the best benefits you will receive by choosing classic quartz.

Quartz is a natural stone, therefore it is strong

Quartz is mined from the earth, and when you have a new top installed in this particular stone, you are getting 93% original quartz, with just 7% added resin, and that is the colour added to give you the appearance you want. This means you are getting strength and durability, and unless you drop your top from a very large height or you go at it with a hammer (both of which we hope are borderline impossible) then you will find breakages to be highly unlikely. Chips are also unlikely provided the quartz is installed properly and sealed at the time.

Quartz doesn’t need regular maintenance, unlike granite and marble

When your new quartz top is installed, it will be sealed, and this is the one and only time it will need to be done. Granite and marble will need to be sealed annually, which adds to the cost, but quartz doesn’t, and this is a major plus point in the favour of this stone. Provided you look after your top well, e.g. you clean it regularly and mop up any spillages as they happen, you shouldn’t have any issues.

Quartz is non-porous and therefore a hygienic choice

premier_287x361The non-porosity of classic quartz means that it doesn’t absorb liquids or spillages, and that means that germs and bacteria don’t have a chance to get inside the stone, or to colonise on the surface. All of this means that you are getting total hygiene when you choose quartz, and if you have children or the elderly in your household, this is a big advantage.

Quartz is heat and stain resistant

Whilst not 100% stain or heat resistant, because nothing ever is, classic quartz is highly resistant to both, which means damage is unlikely to happen. Simply mop up any spillages as they occur and you shouldn’t have to worry about stains, and if you put a hot pan down on your work surface, you shouldn’t have to worry too much, however using a heat resistant pad is always a good protective go-to anyway, as dulling can occur over time.

Quartz is available in a huge range of different colours and patterns

You will be spoilt for choice in a big way when it comes to finding the colour or pattern you need for your new kitchen top. The best advice is to visit our showroom and really get a realistic view of what the shades look like in person, because certain lights, both artificial and natural, can change the way of the colour looks to your eye.