When you decide to go for classic quartz stone for your new kitchen worktops, or perhaps your bathroom countertops, you have made a very positive, strong, and cost-effective choice.

Not only is quartz strong and widely available, but it is also non-poclassic-quartz-stonerous, doesn’t harbour bacteria, is stain resistant and heat resistant, but it is also available in countless colours, which means you can find a hue and style to go with any décor you have your eye on.

Obviously, when choosing a colour for classic quartz stone it’s always a good idea to avoid going too ‘out there’, because if you decide to redecorate in a couple of years’ time, you’re going to have to change your worktop too, but if you go for something flexible and neutral, you won’t have that problem. It’s also a good idea to head to the showroom and check it out for yourself, rather than relying on what it looks like on your laptop screen – different lights can change the appearance, from artificial and natural light.

You might have an idea of what colour to go for, but which are the most popular?

Generally speaking, these are endlessly popular:

  • Black – Either plain, shiny black, matte, or with a silvery fleck, perhaps in a monochrome pattern
  • White – Either within a country cottage/farmhouse appearance, or a monochrome. White also looks great with grey, brown, or green
  • Cream – If you are a little worried about white, then cream is a good compromise, and a very popular one
  • Browns – The coffee shades are extremely popular at the moment, with latte, cappuccino, and espresso ranging from light brown to dark brown respectively. These look wonderful with white, or especially cream
  • Greys – For a modern look to your kitchen, go for a grey countertop and pair it with black, cream or white

These are the most popular colours of quartz classic stone worktops, either for kitchens or bathrooms, and if you go for a big named brand, such as Silestone, you can combine your ideal colour with your ideal finish. For instance, Silestone offers 90 different colours, but there are also different finishes and styles too, including polished texture, suede texture, and volcano texture, combined with the style of plain, veined, fine grain, or coarse grain. Basically, your countertop is bespoke and personalised to your needs and décor.

How do you choose? It’s basically a very important choice you need to give time and effort to. Don’t just jump in with the first idea that comes to your mind, do some research and look at fashions and trends, whilst also paying attention to the size of your room. If you have a small room then choose a colour which reflects the light and makes the room appear bigger. You can basically make your new kitchen space appear any way you want, provided you get the basics right at the planning stage.

Give it some thought, do some research, shop around, and find not only the ideal classic quartz stone colour, but also the perfect deal for your budget. Visit InovaStones’s showroom for free samples.