composite-stone-worktopsLooking for the best materials for your kitchen countertop? Don’t waste your time on searching the Internet. Read this article about composite stone worktops and I guarantee that you will be well impressed.

Traditionally, the most used material in the worldwide house-owners kitchens has been granite. Considering the cons of using this material, like being porous, absorbing liquid spills etc. , a new man-made material made his way into the top of countertop materials industry.

Endless Styles and Colors for Composite Stone Worktops

Composites worktops, or “engineered worktops” are a special type of tops designed by man. The whole composition is man-made, and as for that, it is available in a large number of styles and colors. They are also known as “quartz worktops”. Further I will present you the most used worktop styles:

  • BIANCO 1776 MA;
  • NERO MA;

Quartz is one of the most common natural elements found in the nature. Regarding the fact that it can be in pure form or in different types of compounds, it is the main ingredient in creating an engineered worktop. This material has been chosen also due to its extreme hardness, conferring the resulting countertop a great resistance to hits and chipping and strengthening the bound between the atoms in the texture.

Strong Chemical Texture for Composite Stone Countertops

It is not to be forgotten that composite stone worktops are very resistant to acids and liquid spills. This property results from combining the quartz in the composition with a high-quality resin, which develops a chemical process inside the worktop, making him a non-porous material. Using dyes in the mixture and modifying the size of the grains allows producers to create endless range of shadows, styles and colors, depending only on the desire of the customer.

Top brands for composite stone worktops for kitchens:

  • Marble & Granite;
  • Casearstone;
  • Silestone;
  • Quartzforms;

affordable-stone-worktopAlso, one of the major benefits of using an engineered stone for your kitchen worktop is the maintenance time you need to invest in cleaning and sterilizing your house. By using this state of the art material, you will only need to do weekly routine checks to your kitchen. Being non-porous and not absorbing liquid spills like juice, oil or vinegar, the stains can be easily wiped out with a clean towel. You may even use strong acid cleaning solutions in order to sterilize your kitchen, because of the resin matrix existent in the composition of the quartz countertop.

Price vs. Quality for Engineered Worktops

The prices for these composite stone worktops vary depending on the size of your kitchen. For a small kitchen, the start price is about £1500 – £1600, being possible to rise up until £2200 for the most luxurious and fancy styled kitchen decorations. The main aspects to be considered in calculating the price of a countertop are:

  1. Total length of worktops (linear meters)
  2. Number of drainer groove sets (1 set = 5 grooves)
  3. Special cuts (linear meters)
  4. Upstand length (linear meters)
  5. Number of sawn cut-outs
  6. Templating and installation

Considering this facts about composite stone worktops, in these days, they are known to be the best solution for decorating your kitchen and for keeping a clean house. Give these worktops a try and I will promise you won’t be disappointed!