The Best Stone Types for Kitchen Worktops & Countertops

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The Best Stone Types for Kitchen Worktops & CountertopsWhen it comes to choosing a stone for your new kitchen worktop or countertop, it can be difficult to narrow the choice down. To help you with your decision, we have made a list of 3 of our favourite stones to use and highlighted everything you need to know about them.

Porcelain Worktops

Porcelain is quickly being a great contender on the market, despite not being that well known yet. It comes with a huge list of benefits which is why customers are quickly making the move to porcelain.

Porcelain is available in a huge range of patterns, colours and finishes as the pigmentation of the raw materials is what creates these wonderful colours. When it comes to choosing the finishes, you are even able to choose one that gives the appearance of a natural stone such as Marble with its veining. Whatever your style, you are bound to find the look for you.

One of the best things about Porcelain is the it is UV resistant, something that not a lot of materials have. This means that wherever you locate the worktop within your room, it will never fade from the direct sunlight.

Depending on the size of your worktop that you are looking to create or order, you are able to purchase Porcelain in large sizes of slabs too, unlike a lot of other stones. This will give you the flexibility to purchase just one single slab for your kitchen rather than lots of smaller ones; this also gives a much better appearance overall too.

Porcelain is also perfect for kitchens as it is stain resistant, so you never have to worry about those pesky spillages that will occur daily.

However, Porcelain is not without its downfalls either. It may be incredibly easy to install and cut but it can be cracked or broken. It is definitely not inevitable but the force that is required to make damage is quite hard.

Quartz Worktops

Quartz is one of the well known stones on the market and for great reason. Quartz is completely waterproof, which means it can go in absolutely any room of your choice. Whether it is within the bathroom for those large spillages of water or kitchen area for spillages of food items, it will never damage your worktop.

Quartz is also known for being very affordable and budget friendly, so no matter how little your bank balance is you should be able to get a quality worktop like Quartz. For the price tag, it comes with a lot of great features such as durability too. Quartz is only second to diamond for strength! This means that it is so difficult to break or crack, which is perfect for any room in the house.

However, it also comes with one down fall. It may be heat, scratch and stain resistant but it is very sensitive to some chemicals which could potentially make cleaning difficult. You will have to remember which chemicals it cannot handle to ensure you do not damage your new stunning worktop.

Granite Worktops

Much like Quartz, Granite is very affordable so you can give your home a makeover for much less than other stones out there. The strength of Granite is another one of its highlights as well as its scratch resistant properties. However, no matter how strong or resistant your worktop is, please still use all precautions that you usually would to minimise the risk.

Granite is also an impeccably hygienic stone as well. As it is non-porous, the stone will never harbour any bacteria or hold onto any spillages either. So, when something has been spilt, even though we advise to clean it up straight away, it will never damage or ruin your worktop at all.

However, Granite does come in less colours and options for homeowners which is often a big let down. However, just because there is less of a choice does not mean that the one you are looking for does not exist!