The Most Popular 10 Quartz Colours for Kitchen Countertops

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Quartz is one of the materials which popularity has been on the rise in recent years. The reason for that is that quartz is nowadays more available then it used to be, but also it is more affordable than natural stones. Quartz is a man-made product that is made of 93% natural quartz and 7% resin and pigments. The pigments are added during the manufacturing process to change the colour. Therefore, quartz has one of the widest colour palettes on the market. Its colour palette has got covered everything from classics to bright colours.

1. Artico
Artico is a part of Lunastone colour range, one of the most classic colour choices that are easy to combine with almost anything. If you are looking just to replace the countertops and not to renovate the whole kitchen, colour like this is a safe way to go.

2. Eternal Marquina
This is one of the most elegant colours- it a dark black with very fine white veining. This colour will add luxury and opulence to your kitchen no other colour will.

3. Bianco Calacatta
On the other hand, Bianco Calacatta is a cool-toned white with very distinct and thick grey veining. It will look excellent as an accent on a kitchen island.

4. Orinoco
This is one of the most unique colours and it is definitely not for everyone. It has a black surface with coppery, golden and white veining that is so thick that it looks like brush strokes. It will also be an excellent accent for the kitchen island.

5. Anis
Anis is a green with very noticeable granulation. Combinations with beige cabinets will give one of a kind result.

6. Ares
Ares is a cool-toned brown with black and white veining. It is an excellent choice for traditional style kitchens.

7. Caramel
Caramel is another colour that will look good in shaker style kitchens. It is, as the name suggests, a caramel colour, with very intense brown granulation scattered on its surface.

8. Seregenti
Seregenti is a deep grey with blue undertone and splashes of dark grey that looks like stardust. It is one of the most elegant colours that will be excellent for contemporary style kitchens.

9. Brillo Rouge
A bit unusual choice, this red will make your kitchen unique and exceptional. It is a true red with black and occasional white dots scattered all over the surface. The combinations with lighter toned cabinets will be unmatched in their beauty.

10. Superwhite
Superwhite is a great choice for minimalists. It is a solid warm-toned white colour. It is an excellent choice for small kitchens, as it will make them look bigger.

No matter which quartz colour you choose for your kitchen countertops, one is certain- quartz is one of the best materials available right now. It has a very wide colour palette and you will have no problems choosing the right one.

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