Tips and Tricks to Choose Your Stone Worktops

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stone worktopsYou know that you want a new stone worktop in your kitchen, but how do you choose it? Which material do you go for? Which colour do you go for?

The options are wide-ranging, and that means that you need to put some thought into it, in order to get the right choice!

To help you out, we’re going to break down your options into small, easily digestible, bite-sized chunks, and by the end of our chat, you will hopefully be much clearer about which stone to go for, and how to find the best one for you.

Which Material Should You Go For?

Basically, you have three main choices here:

  • Quartz;
  • Marble;

Each of these has pros and cons, and you need to know about them in order to make the right choice. To give you a quick overview:

Quartz – This is a strong natural option, which is generally made of 93% natural stone with 7% resin added in, to give you the colour you want. There are countless colours, patterns, and finishes on offer, and the good news is that quartz is also zero maintenance, which makes it easier to look after. This is a non-porous stone also, so it doesn’t harbour liquid or germs inside.

Granite – This is another super-strong stone and again, it is naturally occurring from the earth’s surface, so what else would you expect? Granite is very heat resistant, and it is also available in countless earthy, natural shades to choose from. Granite does require annual sealing, to keep it in good condition.

Marble – Finally we have the opulent and classic choice of marble. Whether you go for the timeless white marble choice or something else, marble is widely available but it does require annual sealing, just like granite. One of the advantages of marble is that it has a naturally cool temperature, so it’s great for anyone who likes baking.

Which Colour Should You Go For?

Once you’ve figured out which material to go for, next you need to think about the colour you want. It’s always a good idea to look towards a neutral type of shade, because this means it will last you longer; if you go for something ‘out there’ and then in a couple of years’ time you decide you want to redecorate, you may find that your worktop doesn’t go with anything else. It’s also a good idea to head to the showroom to pick your colour, because everything looks different in natural light versus artificial light.

Always shop around for your stone worktop, no matter which material or colour you opt for; there are deals if you look carefully, and if you shop at the right time of year, perhaps in the Black Friday or New Year sales, you might find that you end up saving a little extra cash as a result.

A natural stone worktop will need professional installation, but that is something which is generally included in the price of the worktop – always check this out before signing on the dotted line or before you hand over any cash. If you choose granite or marble, remember that you will need to annually seal your worktop, to prevent damage over time, but this is a very simple process that shouldn’t take you too much time or effort.