Top 10 Best Quartz Brands for Kitchen Worktops & Countertops

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Top 10 Best Quartz Brands for Kitchen Worktops & Countertops

On today’s market, there are many quartz brands available which all claim to deliver the same thing- a long-lasting product which doesn’t stain or scratch. But not all brands are the same quality- some are better than others and you should choose carefully. Granted, nowadays there are a number of high-quality options to meet every budget. Continue reading to find out about the best quartz brands for kitchen worktops and countertops.

 1. Caesarstone

 Caesarstone is one of the pioneers in the industry of quartz slabs production. This brand exists for more than three decades and it has built a name since. Its colour range consists mostly of neutral colours. There, you can find some of the most beautiful beige and rose colours with interesting patterns.

 2. Cambria

Cambria is recognizable by very rich patterns. Cambria is not the best option for a minimalist, but for others, it is an excellent one. Its range of colours consists mostly of neutral ones.

 3. Cimstone

Cimstone is one of the renowned brands coming from Turkey. It offers a 15-year warranty on all its products when they are installed by a certified entity. In its range, you can find a colour that has veining, but also with granulation. The colours are classics and will pair well with any cabinetry colour.

 4. Classic Quartz

 Classic Quartz Stone, as the name suggests, offers some of the most beautiful classic colours and patterns. Its range consists of many colours with marble effect. With it, you will have an improved material, but the same effect as with marble. It also has a book match range, a technique when the two connecting surfaces are mirroring each other.

 5. Compac

 Compac is a Spanish brand with over 4 decades in the industry of producing high-quality surfaces. This brand is one of the most reliable ones with a warranty of 33 years. The colour range contains mostly of greys, beiges and blacks that will match any kitchen style.

 6. Dekton

 Dekton is a bit more different brand since its slabs are produced differently. It is a combination of natural quartz, glass and porcelain. It is UV resistant since it doesn’t contain resins, unlike other quartz brands. It also claims to be fire and heat resistant. Dekton has a few very interesting patterns, which look like wood but are instead a high-quality quartz surface.

 7. Lunastone

 Lunastone is a newer brand, but that doesn’t mean that it is lower quality. In fact, for just a few years it has gain recognition and respect. Lunastone includes some of the most beautiful colours with granulation.

 8. Silestone

 Silestone is another brand that has been a pioneer in this industry. Silestone is famous for its solid colours that are a huge part of its range. Therefore, Silestone worktops are perfect for a contemporary kitchen style but will be great choice for bathroom work surfaces as well.

9. Sensa

 Sensa is another brand which is recognizable by its very rich patterns. Each line drawn on the background is the representation of the mineral impurities in stone which are making the slab unique. Sensa is the perfect option for traditional style kitchens.

 10. Stone Italiana

 As the name suggests, Stone Italiana is an Italian brand that has a long background in the industry. Its range consists both of solid colours and the ones with patterns. You can find green, black, brown and many other colours in its range.

 All these quartz brands will be a great option for new kitchen worktops and countertops. The main difference is in their colour range; if you find a colour you like and it fits your budget, you should go for it no matter the brand.

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