Top 5 Compac Stone Colours for Kitchen Worktops

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compac-warm-gray-quartz-worktops-by-compac-quartzCompac stone worktops are a type of countertops that feature high moisture and stain resistance additional to the classic crack, chip and scratch durability. These high-quality tops are perfect to be used for bars, kitchens and bathrooms in both commercial and residential settings due to their extremely gorgeous colors and finishes and their natural way of blending in the environment.

General Facts About Compac

Being a leading company in providing high-quality decorative surfaces all around the globe makes Compac one of the largest Quartz suppliers on all five continents. Founded in 1975 and having the headquarter located in Spain, this state-of-art engineered stone combines the longevity and good quality of a classic quartz worktop with the opulent and smooth look of a natural stone countertop.

Having these great attributes, they are perfect to be used in high traffic applications such as:

  1. Kitchen worktops;
  2. Vanity tops;
  3. Kitchen flooring;
  4. Bathroom flooring;
  5. House flooring;
  6. Wall cladding;

Colors and Designs for Compac Stone Countertops

The colors available to be purchased vary from a range of white, cream and pink shades to blue, green and black designs. 72 striking finishes are opened to create the perfect stabs for your own desires. Acquiring a perfect look may need to involve specific types of textures. For this, Compac worktops are available in matt, honed and polished setups. Using this feature it becomes a lot easier to find the best suitable worktop for you house elements.

Further I would like to present to you the most preferred colors by clients from all around the world:

  • Compac Alaska;
  • Compac Arena;
  • Compac Coco;
  • Compac Snow;
  • Compac Moca;

These colors have been obtained from the very origin of this engineered stone. Combining genuine natural crushed quartz with high quality resin and a wide variety of pigment particles, the manufacturers are able to obtain almost endless shades and types of designs.

Durability and Maintenance for Compac Stones

compac-stone-coloursOne of the main features of compac stone worktops is the stability, or durability. Cuts and scratches can only be created by rare stones like topaz, diamond or sapphire, and not to mention that stains are almost impossible to be created on the surface, as for the very low absorption rate.

The non-porous nature of compac stones assures a high resistance to heat, fissures and scratches while maintain a clean and hygienic environment in your house is easily to be done. The “Natural Range” of colors available for this type of countertops comes from the polymers blended in to the composition with the bio vegetal resins.

Combining the facts stated earlier, I encourage you to choose the Compac stone worktops especially for the great look conferred to your house, but also for their low maintenance time requirements and for their long-life durability.