Top 5 Granite Colours for Kitchen Tops

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Top 5 Granite Colours for Kitchen TopsGranite is well known for being one of the hardest stones on earth, so when you purchase Granite for your kitchen worktop you are making one great investment. Granite offers a timeless beauty to every room which cannot be beaten.

To make Granite even better, it is ideal for the kitchen area as it is so easy to clean and maintain. As it is one of the hardest materials, it will not scratch under your normal daily use, so you will never have to worry about damaging your kitchen worktop.

You will also not be disappointed when it comes to our range of colours and finishes available. To help your decision making, find below our top 5 Granite colours.

Shivakashi Pink

Our Shivakashi Pink colour is one of our brilliant neutral colours. It has the base colour of beige with markings of a mixture of red and colour colours to beautifully complement the neutral base. This colour will go perfect in any kitchen, adding light and contrast to any kitchen area.

Emerald Pearl

Despite the name, there is not a glimmer of green throughout this Granite colour. The main colour is black with some greys mixed in. To add to the sparkle, there are pieces of mirror and glass which create the appearance of glitter.

Bianco Antico

Bianco Antico is one of our off white colours, which is perfect for anyone who wants to go light but not as bright or daring as white; or even plain white. This colour has a mixture of off white, black and darker greys which work together to give the appearance of being almost Marble.

Bethel White

If you are wanting to go white but not solid or plain white, then this is one great option for you. The base colour is, of course, white but it has been mixed with some spots. The spots are dark brown which almost appear to be a grey colour, which give its stunning pattern.

Zimbabwe Black

One of the most popular colours out there is black, because it goes with absolutely any colour or shade you can think of. This slab has the base colour of jet black, mixed with speckles of white or grey, which give the appearance of almost stars.