Top 5 Quartz Brands for Kitchen Work Surfaces

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Top 5 Quartz Brands for Kitchen Work Surfaces

Have you been looking for new quartz kitchen surfaces but you still haven’t chosen the brand? With so many brands available today, it can get overwhelming and confusing. Here, we have listed the top 5 quartz brands that are the synonym for quality.

 1. Silestone

 Silestone is one of the first brands that have started producing quartz surfaces. It is a Spanish brand with over 25 years of background in the industry. Silestone offers a 25-year warranty on all its products when installed by a certified entity. In its range, you can find some of the most beautiful neutral colours that will work well for all kitchen styles. Several marble effect colours will be a great alternative to real marble.

 2. Cambria

 Cambria is an American brand founded at the beginning of this century. Cambria surfaces are made of 93% natural quartz and 7% epoxy binders. It is the only brand that offers a full lifetime warranty on surfaces for residential use and limited warranty for commercial use. Cambria is well known for its colourful quartz surfaces with very rich patterns. If you were looking for a colour with a lot of details, Cambria is the way to go.

 3. Classic Quartz Stone

 Classic Quartz Stone is a relatively new brand established in 2014. In just a few years it has made a name in this industry and become highly recognizable. It is well known for its marble effect colours that are an excellent substitute for real marble. It also offers bookmatched colours, which refers to the two connecting surfaces mirroring each other, resulting in a very interesting effect. Classic Quartz Stone offers a 10-year warranty on all its products.

 4. Compac

 Compac is another Spanish brand that has been producing quartz surfaces, as well as other stones. It quarries quartz stone mostly from Portugal, which has been well known for highest quality quartz. Compac has some of the most interesting colours that will make your kitchen unique. Compac surfaces are made of 93% natural quartz and 7% resins, making a perfect balance between the durability and the non-porosity of the product.

 5. Caesarstone

 Caesarstone is the brand that is the original quartz surface manufacturer, meaning they are the first that have started producing engineered quartz. Since 1987 they are offering high-quality quartz surfaces with a stunning range of colours. Caesarstone’s colour palette is very neutral and classic, meaning it will fit in any kitchen style. It is also a great option if you are just looking to replace the worktops.

 These quartz brands have been the world leaders in the production of the highest quality kitchen work surfaces. In general, they all have the same characteristics and you should choose the one according to the colour you like and your budget.

 Need more help choosing the right brand for your new kitchen work surfaces? Please, contact us and we will be happy to help.