Top 5 Quartz Lunastone Colours

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biancoluminosoDecorating your kitchen is a big deal – you need to get it right otherwise you are making a costly mistake that will probably need to be rectified very soon afterwards. More and more people are opting to go for quartz for their countertops in kitchens, as well as bathrooms, and that means that the large variety of different quartz options on the market is much higher than it ever used to be.

Lunastone is a company who make a very popular variety of quartz for kitchen countertops, made from 93% natural quartz and the remaining 7% being resins that make different colours and patterns to the décor of the countertop. You can buy Lunastone quartz in full and half slabs, depending on the size you want, and it is available in countless different colour options.

Anything which comes in a large variety of colours means you need to think carefully about which one to go with, because if you get it wrong and you end up with a colour clash, you’re basically not going to enjoy your kitchen space in the slightest, and then want to change it – again, a costly mistake.

If you need a little inspiration, check out these five top colours from the Lunastone quartz range.

  • Bianco Carrara – This particular shade is without a doubt one of the most popular in the whole quartz range, and that means its availability is often not always that high. If you want this particular shade, then you will need to order it ahead of time. Bianco Carrara is a natural shade which basically goes with everything you could imagine, which is why it is so popular. It is a beige shade, and very high quality; durability is what makes this particular shade sell so well.
  • Amarillo Monsul – Many people like to opt for a natural wood shade for their kitchen countertop, but they always want the hard-wearing effect of quartz, as opposed to real wood. This particular shade ticks that box, with a natural hardwood shade, perfect for any décor, existing or new. This is another which is very adaptable, and can be used in bathrooms as well as kitchens.
  • Gris Expo – Grey is a very popular colour for kitchen decors overall, because it looks modern, minimalistic, and functional, and itcrema-pearla-quartz-worktops is also a twist on the old monochrome theme which has always been so popular, and probably always will be. Gris Expo is a shade of grey which shines in the light, and it’s the extra sparkle which makes it so popular. Hiding any potential stains, this colour is not that dark, but not that light either, which is perfect for kitchen countertops.
  • Blu Luminoso – We know that blue is a calming colour, which is why it makes an appearance in many places of stress, e.g. doctor’s waiting rooms, dentists etc, but it is also the perfect shade for a kitchen, bringing a calm ambiance to proceedings. This particular shade is ideal for bright kitchens, because it not only pulls in the sunlight, but it has that aforementioned calming effect.
  • Coffee – You can find this particular shade in many different off-shoots, e.g. latte, chocolate, cappuccino etc. The good thing about a coffee shade, and what makes it so popular, is that you can go as dark with this as you really want to, and if you want to stay subtle and light, you can do that too.

These are the top five shades of Lunastone quartz on the market at the moment.