What Kitchen Worktops are Best? 10 Secrets You Should Know

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What Kitchen Worktops are Best? 10 Secrets You Should Know

Choosing new material for kitchen worktops can be a challenging task with so many options available. Before the final decision, you have to consider many things, such as the durability, the price and overall performances. If you have found it difficult to choose the right worktops for you, reading this article may help you decide which material is best for you.  

1. Number of options

In our range, we have four different materials for stone worktops and numerous brands in each category, including Silestone, Classic Quartz, Cambria, Cimstone, Unistone, Dekton & more. We offer marble, granite, quartz and porcelain worktops. Each material is different from the other and in the end it all comes down to personal characteristics.

2. The durability

Stones are very durable, while porcelain is not as much. Porcelain can crack when you use excessive force on it. However, porcelain has some other great characteristics which are making it a good choice for kitchen worktops.

3. Resistance to staining

Porcelain and quartz are resistant to staining, granite is in the middle, while marble is not as resistant. Marble is not the best option if your main concern is resistance to staining.

4. Resistance to heat

Porcelain and granite are exceptional products when it comes to resistance to high temperatures. Marble also has good resistance to heat, while quartz has the least, but it is still not bad.

5. Colour palette

Porcelain and quartz are manufactured stones and they have larger colour palettes. Granite and marble still have some versatility, but not as many as the other two.

6. Uniqueness

Marble and granite are natural stones and they preserve the characteristics of the rock they have been cut from. With them, you will get a unique slab. Porcelain and quartz are more generic since their patterns are man-made.

7. Price

Porcelain worktops are the cheapest, followed by quartz and then the natural stones. The prices for all materials are varying from colour to colour. If you have tighter budget porcelain and quartz will be better for you. Try our free online worktop quote tool.

8. Longevity

All four materials are long-lasting, it just depends on how well you maintain them. With proper maintenance, all four materials will last you for decades.

9. Maintenance

Porcelain and quartz don’t need sealing, while granite and marble do. They are all easy to clean with just soap and water. Just wipe your worktops with a soft cloth and rinse off.

10. Resistance to staining

Porcelain and quartz are non-porous materials and they (almost) can’t get stained. Granite is not completely non-porous, but it is close. Marble is the most porous out of all and will therefore be the easiest one to scratch.

All materials have their pros and cons and you should choose one according to your concerns. Some people tend to be messy and natural stones might not be for them, while others tend to drop things and manufactured stones would not last them. It all comes down to the personal preferences and needs for kitchen worktops.

Need more advice on how to choose the right worktop material for you? Please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help.