What Quartz Stone Colours Suit Cream Kitchens Best?

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quartz-stone-worktopsWhen you decide to install quartz stone kitchen worktops, you have made a very sensible and positive choice. Quartz is a naturally occurring stone, and when it is manufactured into kitchen work surfaces, it retains much of its originally, with 93% genuine quartz, and 7% resin, which gives you the colour scheme you need to fit into your décor. For this reason, quartz is strong and long lasting. Get a free online quote for worktops and countertops.

What are the other advantages of quartz?

  • It is a non-porous stone which doesn’t absorb germs or liquids;
  • It is stain and heat resistant;
  • It is available widely and in many different colours and finishes;
  • It doesn’t require any maintenance after the initial installation, other than regular cleaning, with no need to annually seal it;
  • It is easy to look after, needing just warm water and soap/soft cloths for cleaning;

Now you know that you have made the right choice in terms of the material, you need to think about the colour scheme you’re going to go for.

If you have a cream kitchen currently and you aren’t planning on changing the overall décor, you’re in luck, because there are countless shades of quartz which go perfectly with a cream kitchen.

To give you a few ideas, a little inspiration, here are some quartz stone colours which will perfectly compliment your cream kitchen.

Cream – If you have a cream kitchen, why not go for another shade of cream for your quartz countertop, but add a heavy fleck or veining to it, to make it stand out? This will certainly reflect the light and give the illusion of space, making it perfect for a smaller kitchen.

Black – Obviously monochrome is a classic colour scheme, but white and black might be too clinical for you, and in that case, cream and black is a great alternative to try out.

Grey – For something very modern, try out a grey quartz countertop, to compliment the light cleanliness of your cream cabinets and décor. You can choose a light grey if you want to make the room appear larger, or you can go for something a little darker if you want a more modernistic appearance.

Brown/coffee – For a warm and creamy look to your kitchen, go for a latte shade of light brown, which looks warm and luxurious. Cappuccino shades are a good mid style of brown, or you could go for something darker and more modern, by sticking to an espresso. There is a lot of scope within the brown colour palate.

Green/blue – A very light green or blue looks fantastic with cream cabinets, and will give that larger appearance to your kitchen, reflecting the light. This is a good combination for farmhouse style kitchens, or can be paired with silver handles and a block quartz finish, to give a more modern style.

These five quartz stone colours all work wonderfully well with cream kitchens, and are easily interchangeable if you decide to change the existing cream colour palate you have at the moment. Going with something which is flexible will save you cash in the long run, because your countertop is not the cheapest part of your kitchen, and you need to make sure you are going for the right decision, before handing over your hard-earned cash in exchange.