What Stone Worktops Work Best With a Gloss White Kitchen

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white-gloss-kitchen-1If you have a shiny new kitchen, gloss white and reflective as best it can be, you might be wondering which type of stone worktop will complement its shine best.

You have many choices to make, but the bottom line is that any stone worktop is a great go-to because they are so wonderful to look at, low cost, durable, and low in maintenance, especially if you choose quartz.

Let’s check them out one by one, to narrow down your choice.


Quartz is a high gloss stone in itself, which will work fantastically well with the shiny white décor you have just created in your new kitchen! Quartz is also very durable, and requires little in the way of maintenance, which adds to its major appeal. This stone is available in countless different colours and patterns, and that means you can create the final décor you require. You could go all white and choose a white quartz worktop, or you could mix it up and go with a marine blue, or a light green. Of course, black looks fantastic in a monochrome too.


Granite is a very hard-wearing stone, and one which you won’t need to replace for many years to come, provided you maintain it every year with sealing. Again, you have countless colour choices at your disposal here, but most of the shades of granite available are very natural, and that works wonderfully well with a gloss white kitchen space. How about a light charcoal grey, to make your décor really shine and sparkle? You could go for a plain black granite with a silver sparkle in it, a very popular choice, and this will look fantastic with white.


white-gloss-kitchenFinally, we have perhaps the most famous and opulent choice of them all. Marble is known world-wide for being classy and sophisticated, and because white gloss is probably the most iconic colour scheme in terms of cleanliness and sophistication too, this is a great combination. You will need to look after your marble worktop a little more than granite or quartz, but this is not to an extreme, and your marble will last you for a long time to come if you clean it regularly. White marble is timeless, and when combined with white gloss walls, can you imagine the shining effect? Of course, black marble will also look very classy indeed.

As you can see, all three stone worktop choices work well with a white gloss kitchen, and although that doesn’t help speed up your decision making process, it certainly does mean that you have options to really think about in terms of getting it right. Be sure to shop around, and perhaps head to a showroom with a sample of your paint colour, to check how well each particular type and shade of stone works with your current kitchen décor style.

The great thing in addition about stone worktops is that they come with a warranty, and how long that warranty is depends on which manufacturer you choose to purchase your worktop from. Shop around again, because this is not some small purchase you’re making, it’s something which needs real thought and time, in order to get it all right from the very start.