What’s the Difference Between Granite and Quartz Worktops?

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With there being so many different options out there on the market, it can often get confusing to understand which ones offer the best advantages for you and your home. Two of the most popular stones are Granite and Quartz, especially for worktops.

They both come with their own individual list of pros and cons, which can make it either easy or difficult to decide on which stone is best for you.

We will look at both Granite and Quartz by highlighting their differences to help guide you towards which stone is best for you.


Granite is incredibly popular for home renovations because it can be used in a variety of ways. With Granite, you will never be limited in which ways you can use it around the home. Granite offers practicality and flexibility to its applications.

When you decide on which stone you would prefer, strength often comes into being an important aspect. Granite is such a strong stone that it is scratch resistant, so you never have to worry about minor accidents occurring when preparing food or dropping items onto the work surface. However, we do still suggest that you continue using all precautions as necessary to ensure that your Granite worktop lasts a lifetime.

Another a huge contender is budget, most of us homeowners will be looking for something inexpensive and cost effective. Granite is very affordable with absolutely no long-term costs at all when it comes to re-sealing. If you are wanting a stunning makeover for less, then Granite is one of your best options as it is usually cheaper per square foot than a lot of stones on the market.

Granite would also be a great choice for those with a young family, as Granite is a very healthy and hygienic stone. This means that Granite is easy to clean when compared to a lot of other stones out there. It will never harbour any stains or bacteria, making it easier to clean away.

However, Granite does not come without its downfalls either. Granite may be strong but it is very heavy, which means the installation process has to be completed professionally so there is no DIY cuts. You will need to take great care when installing, to ensure there is no risk of damage.

Lastly, Granite is not known for its big range of colours available unlike a lot of other stones out there. So, you would be rather limited to which colours you can choose from.


Quartz is very similar to Granite in a lot of ways. Quartz offers a cheaper alternative to a lot of other stones out there and it is known for being low maintenance too in terms of not requiring any sealing treatments or special cleaning routines.

One huge difference between Quartz and Granite is that you will have a huge range of colours and patterns to choose from. Whether you want speckles, spots, glitter, plain or something entirely different then you will be able to achieve that look with Quartz.

So, not only will you benefit from it being stain, scratch and heat resistant as well as being easy to keep clean and low in cost to maintain, you will also have the additional benefit of colours to choose from too.