Which Marble Colours Are Best For Wall & Floor Tiles?

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Which Marble Colours Are Best For Wall & Floor Tiles?

marble tilesIf you are thinking of tiling your floor or walls with marble then you are going down a very classy and timeless route, one which will give your space a very beautiful and opulent appearance. There is a reason that marble has been used countless times throughout history, by groups of importance, and in areas of equal importance, and decorating your bathroom or kitchen in this sophisticated, natural stone will add serious style to your space.

Marble is not the fragile stone that many people believe it to be, it simply needs looking after properly, and in return you will get many years of use out of it. On top of this, no one marble tile is ever going to be the same as another – they are all totally unique, thanks to individual veins which run through each tile, or even each slab, when they are mined from the earth’s surface, so you will not have to deal with comparisons with your neighbour’s décor!

Another advantage is that marble is a porous stone, and whilst this does mean it absorbs liquid, it is a big plus point in terms of floor tiles, because they dry very quickly, without remaining slippery and potentially dangerous. Of course, you will need to make sure you look after your tiles and regularly seal them, but this is a small price to pay for the opulence you get in return.

What colour will you go for?

It really depends on which room you are decorating. If you’re going for a bathroom, then the general consensus is that you choose from the following colours:

  • White/cream;
  • Black;
  • Blue;
  • Green
  • Red

This is because these colours are either modernistic, in terms of the monochrome colour scheme, or they are aquatic, with the blues and greens, paired with white or cream. All of these colours look fantastic in marble, because of those aforementioned veins. Now, if you’re tiling a floor, you won’t want to go ‘too out there’ because you will want your floor to stand the test of time against a few redecorations. In this case, perhaps a darker shade, such as black or grey is a good go-to. For bathroom floors, white or cream marble is ideal.

If you are decorating your kitchen walls in marble tiles, you have infinite choice in terms of colour scheme, view our large selection of stone colours. Again, make sure you keep your choice neutral or regular, and don’t go for anything which is too bright or too ‘in your face’; having said that, marble colours are all very timeless and classic, so you won’t really be able to find anything which is too garish. Remember to check shades in real life too, so don’t rely too much on what you see online; instead, head to your nearest showroom and check them out in real life, because different tile colours look different in natural light and artificial light.

The coffee colours are very popular for kitchen tiles nowadays, such as creamy lattes or cappuccino hints. These look beautiful when paired with white or cream cabinets, work surfaces, or cupboards, and are easy to decorate around too, which saves money in the long run.

When you choose marble you are joining an elite club, and provided you give it the care and attention it deserves, this durable natural stone will last you for a long time to come. Need help? Please get in touch for free expert advice or visit InovaStone’s showroom for free samples.