White Carrara Marble for Bathroom Surfaces – Pros & Cons

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Carrara marble is a famous type of Italian marble that is often used for building décor and sculptures. It is named after city Carrara where it is quarried. It has been used for some of the most notable monuments in history- such as the Pantheon. For this reason, Carrara marble is a synonym for elegance and luxury. Some of the most beautiful hotel bathrooms have exactly white Carrara for both the countertops and surfaces. Now you can have such luxury in your home just by adding this piece of luxury.


1. It can be used for all bathroom surfaces
You can use marble for floor tiles, wall cladding and vanity tops. You can decide to choose white Carrara as the only colour and material for all bathroom surfaces and that will give excellent results. Carrara is unpretentious, yet sophisticated and elegant and it will never look like too much.

2. It is not slippery
Marble is a porous material and has a rough surface when compared to the sleek surface of the quartz, for example. For this reason, marble is not slippery at all.

3. Beautiful
White Carrara marble is one of the most classic yet most beautiful marble types. The combinations with it are countless. You can combine it with white wooden cabinets to achieve a monochromatic look or with dark toned cabinets for a dynamic composition.

4. Long lasting
With proper maintenance and care, marble will last you for a significant amount of time. Just be sure to avoid harsh chemicals for cleaning and pay extra care when using nails polishes or hair colours. With proper care, they will easily last more than 20 years.

5. Easy to clean
All marble surfaces are cleaned with the same products and those are only water and soap. For floors, make soapsuds and clean them with a mop, making sure you wipe off the soapsuds with a damped mop. For countertops, just use a soft cloth instead of mop in the same manner.


1. It requires a higher level of care and maintenance
As we already mentioned, marble has a porous surface, which also means that is can get stained easier. Pay special attention to hair colours and nail polishes, as they can leave a permanent stain. For this reason, marble needs to be sealed a few times a year. The sealant will for a waterproof surface and make marble less prone to staining.

2. Marble is soft
When compared to its first competitors, such as granite and quartz, marble is much softer. Because of that, marble will get scratched a lot easier.

3. Expensive
White Carrara marble is not the most budget friendly, but it is worth investing in.

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