White Quartz Countertops – 10 Pros & Cons

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Having white countertops has been always a question because many materials are prone to staining. But nowadays, it is possible to have white countertops that will not get stained if you choose quartz. However, as with any other material, quartz has its pros and cons which you need to take into consideration before you decide to buy it. Continue reading to learn more about them.

 1. Resistant to staining

The main problem people find with white countertops is that they are easy to stain. However, not with quartz. Quartz is a manufactured product, made of about 93% natural quartz and 7% resins. Resins are making the countertops non-porous, which also means highly resistant to staining. Since all quartz colours have equal resins percentage, all quartz colours are equally resistant to staining.

 2. Durable

Quartz is one of the toughest stones found in nature. It will not crack or break when you accidentally drop something heavy on it. It will not get scratched if you need quickly to chop something directly on your surfaces.

 3. Weaker resistance to heat

Quartz is not the best material when it comes to resisting high temperatures. Resins are unstable at high temperatures and exposing your countertops to them can lead to discolouration. Discolourations are especially visible on white quartz countertops, so make sure to always use mats.

 4. Numerous options

There is not just a single white quartz colour, but numerous. Each brand has a selection of white colours that are different from each other by the undertone, pattern, finish…

 5. Easy to clean

Quartz has a smooth and non-porous surface which makes the cleaning easy. The cleaning is handled with only soap and water. Just wipe your countertops with a soft cloth and you should be fine.

 6. Long-lasting

Since quartz countertops are so durable, resistant to staining and scratching, they will be naturally very long-lasting. With proper maintenance, your quartz surfaces will last for decades.

 7. Sensitive to chemicals

You should avoid cleaners that contain ammonia or bleach. These chemicals can lead to discolouration. If your countertops accidentally come in contact with them, neutralize their effect with water.

 8. Relatively affordable

 Quartz is not the cheapest option for countertops, but it is more affordable than natural stones. It is a great bank for your buck.

 9. UV sensitive

 Quartz is sensitive to UV rays due to resins. They are unstable when exposed to direct sunlight, so it is advised to only use quartz countertops indoors. Quartz will not be a good option for outdoor kitchens.

 10. Can look like other stones

 Quartz can look like other stones, such as granite or marble and make a good substitution for them.

 Quartz allows you to have white countertops without worrying about the staining. It is truly the best material to get if you are wanting white countertops because everything is removed from it with ease.

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