White Quartz Worktops for Kitchens – 10 Advantages

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White Quartz Worktops for Kitchens – 10 Advantages

Quartz is a fantastic choice if you wanted to have white worktops but you have always been insecure about the staining. Quartz is a stain-proof material and even white quartz will not get stained by any liquids. Spilling coffee or tea will not have to be a nightmare because you can easily remove them just with a soft cloth and soap, even when they are dried. But those are not the only benefits of having white quartz worktops. Continue reading to find out more about their advantages.

 1. Beauty

 White is a timeless choice for your kitchen that will never go out of fashion. White is a great choice if you just have to replace the kitchen worktops because it pairs well with any other colour.

 2. Numerous options

 There is not just one white quartz, but numerous. Some have a cool, while others have a warm undertone. Ones are with veining, while others are solid or have granulation. The combinations are countless and you will have plenty of options to choose from. Check out our full collection of quartz colours.

 3. Non-porous

 Non-porous surfaces do not absorb water or liquids. They are free of microscopic pores in which bacteria and germs can lodge. Quartz is a highly hygienic and perfect surface for meal preparations.

 4. Resistant to staining

 Another advantage of non-porous surfaces is that they are highly resistant to staining. They will not get stained even if you don’t remove the spill on time

 5. Various styles

 White quartz worktops can be easily integrated into any kitchen style. They go well with both traditional and modern looking kitchens. It is just the question of details; for modern kitchens, choose colours with fewer details, and for traditional choose one that is rich in details.

 6. Durable

 Quartz is a very sturdy material that will not break easily. It is one of the hardest stones found in nature and will handle force without breaking.

 7. Long-lasting

 As it is very durable, quartz is naturally very long-lasting. Its appearance will not wear off over time and you will have no reasons to replace it.

 8. Easy to maintain

 Quartz has a smooth surface that makes the cleaning effortless. The cleaning is handled with soap, water and a soft cloth. Quartz also doesn’t need sealing, unlike many other stones.

 9. Doesn’t burn

 If you need to postpone hot kitchenware, your quartz worktops will not burn. They will handle temperature without any damages.

 10. Variety of brands

 Nowadays, there are several quartz brands to choose from. All brands offer a warranty on their products when they are installed by a certified entity. At InovaStone we offer some of the most renowned brands such as Silestone or Caesarstone, as well as newer ones like Classic Quartz.

 Have you already chosen your white quartz? If so, contact us and we will template, supply and fit your white quartz worktops within just 5 days*!