Why Choose White Marble Worktops For Your Kitchen?

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white-marble-kitchen-worktopsYour kitchen is somewhere which needs to be comfortable, functional, stylish, and cost effective. We spend a lot of time in our kitchens, whether we are the ones doing the cooking or not! A kitchen is a gathering place for the whole family, somewhere we entertain, and somewhere we make food and refreshments for everyone. For these reasons, your kitchen needs to be made up of long lasting elements, which will stand the test of time, whilst also being cost effective too.

When choosing the material for your new kitchen worktop, you have three main choices if you are going down the line of natural stone – these are granite, quartz, and marble.

Many people choose granite and quartz because they are so widely available, and because they are so hard-wearing and strong. They are also available in many different colours and finishes, with several advantages to them as well. Having said that, another choice which people tend to be a little scared of, totally unjustifiably, is marble.

Marble is a beautiful natural stone, one which has been used for centuries by the rich and affluent. For example, think about Ancient Egypt or Ancient Rome, and you will see marble fountains and bathrooms in your mind. Even today, in places of importance, such as stately homes, marble is seen quite commonly.

If you want to give an air of opulence to your kitchen, why not choose white marble for your new kitchen worktops?

What are the advantages of marble worktops?

  • Marble is naturally cool in temperature, and that means that anyone who loves baking will find major advantages in choosing marble. The coolness is ideal for pastry baking, and no matter how hot the room is, the stone will not become warmer.
  • The timeless, classic appearance never changes. Provided you look after your marble worktop, the beautiful appearance of this opulent stone will certainly stand the test of time.
  • Wide range of colours available. It’s not just about white, although white marble is certainly iconic and wonderful in your kitchen; you can choose almost any colour, perhaps, black, grey, brown, or cream, for example. Marble is no different to granite in terms of the number of colours available.
  • No stone is the same as any other. Every single slab of marble is individual, because of the veins which run through it. This means that if you and your neighbour both go for the same colour of marble worktop, they will not be the same regardless because the lines and veins are totally individual too.
  • Easy to look after. There is a myth that marble is hard to clean, hard to maintain, and very fragile – not at all true. Provided you clean your work surface regularly, mop up any spillages as they happen, and bear in mind that the stone isn’t heat resistant, you will find your marble stone will last you a long time to come – not at all fragile!

As you can see, there are many advantages to choosing white marble for your new kitchen worktops, and this is not a choice which should be shied away from. Shop around for the best deal, because some rarer colours of marble can be a little more expensive than the more common ones, and always check out the colour in person at a showroom before you part with any cash.