Why Marble is a Great Choice for Vanity Units?

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Marble is a Great Choice

Marble is such a great material to use for creating vanity units as Marble is able to create a sense of beauty, sophistication and timeless elegance. Marble worktops will never go out of fashion so you never have to worry about changing it to keep up with the trends, if that is something that you are interested in.
As Marble is such a popular material, we have put together a list of why Marble is the perfect choice for vanity units within the bathroom.

Large Space

Marble is able to create the illusion of you having a larger space than what you have as it reflects light and bounces it around the room working at enhancing the features of your bathroom. So, if you have a small room then Marble is definitely a must to consider.

Plenty of Choice

When it comes to deciding on which colour Marble vanity unit to go for you will not be disappointed. As Marble comes in a variety of different shades of colours from dull, bright to multi-coloured tiles you have such a broad choice and you will never have to settle for a colour that you do not entirely love.

Two Finishes

You also have two finishes to choose from – polished and honed, which is entirely up to you and what goes with your style and personality better. If you prefer the shiny things in life then the polished finish has a superb reflective surface which is brilliantly eye catching. But if you prefer more of a matte finish then honed is the one for you as it definitely lacks in shine.


When it comes to repairing your Marble vanity unit or resealing it, it is not such a big deal as you may think. Resealing the Marble is usually done quite regularly because it then makes sure that it is protected and well maintained. By properly sealing your Marble vanity unit, it will then be able to withstand all types of stains and spillages.

Easy to Clean

Marble is such a great material when it comes to cleaning as you only need to use mild bleach and water to keep it looking fresh and clean. There is also no need to scrub as it will clean very effortlessly, however you need to look out for stains from your cosmetics and any drinks as some products may stain your surface.